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IIFYM Grocery Haul

So here’s a picture of our little grocery haul today! Unfortunately the brownie mix and chocolate chips is for work not me 😭

I got some good little snacks though! 109 more words


I have a love hate relationship with this beautiful sport known as running. Like, on one hand every time I do it I feel really wonderful and I want to do it again. 174 more words


Let Them Eat Carbs!

Let me just start this by stating that I was a certified personal trainer, with a specialty in nutrition, so I am “qualified” to have an opinion on this matter. 1,391 more words


Fresh Start

Tomorrow is a new day , a fresh start ! Time to get healthy , and back into shape. I want to have the energy to play with my kids , without getting tired . 42 more words


#Aprilates Almost Gone, But...

Hey guys, so it’s been several weeks since I’ve posted.  I know, this is really terrible.  Let me just say, this has been one seriously terrible month for me…  it started with a full week of a stomach virus… and no gym or workouts.   459 more words


Thursday Morning Recovery Green

Back to back gym classes Wednesday night, NTC followed by kickboxing, gave me a raging appetite Thursday morning. Popped a few ingredients in the ol’ … 44 more words


Pretty Much Silent Saturday

Woke up and decided that the Museum of Natural Curiosity sounded like a much better idea than going to the gym. Little carts always make us happy. 57 more words