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How To Tailor A Fitness Plan To Your Personality

Maintaining a healthy fitness level is part of living a healthy lifestyle. You may find conflicting information, though, that makes is hard to know exactly what you should be doing. 338 more words

How Your Wife Is Your Secret Weapon for Weight Loss

Discover how your better half can help you get healthier

Team up to slim down: You’re more likely to drop pounds if your wife or girlfriend is also making healthy changes with you, finds a new study from the U.K. 202 more words

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Gym routine

So I will start off by outlining my workout routine then add posts detailing each day individually.

My job doesn’t allow me to have a strict day to day routine but what I do is make sure I get all my workouts in when I can during a week by week basis. 254 more words


Fitness Plan

I hate working out, really really hate it…I think people who say they enjoy it are frankly liars.

Don’t get me wrong I love how I feel after a workout but in my opinion the work I have to put in to get that feels isn’t anywhere near worth it. 430 more words

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Common Health Affirmation

By eating an apple daily can keeps you a far away from a doctor,,,,,,

Tulsi leaf eating habit daily saves you from cancer…

Daily one Lemon can remove your fat from your body…. 23 more words

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Juicing 101

I never used to eat vegetables. Ranch with a little bit of carrots was about as close to vegetables as I would get! Now, I can’t get enough of them! 743 more words


Will You Live to 100?

Our four-step longevity predictor will help you assess your risk factors and get a clear view of your life expectancy

Life expectancy for men in the U.S. 602 more words

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