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NEVER GIVE UP!! 2015 - Extreme Workout Motivation - Brendan Meyers

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BEST Workout Motivation 2015

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What to eat when you're eating out: Chiptole Edition

Chipotle is actually a great place to eat when you don’t feel like cooking or you want to go eat with friends while still having healthy options. 276 more words


Turtle Gains

As the weeks go by, I’ve realized how much pressure I put on myself to look a certain way. My mind is so powerful, I can’t see all the progress I have made in the past year, or in the past 3 months. 290 more words


Fitness Fridays: 5 reasons getting to the gym requires the most motivation for your workout

This week I’ve been back on it with my healthy eating and fitness and during yesterday’s gym session decided that actually the hardest part of working out is getting yourself to the gym. 286 more words


Losing weight, feeling great, and saving big!

All too often when I tell friends about my clean and low carb diet of organic meats, farm raised eggs, lots of fresh and frozen veggies and flax seed breads they tell me they could never afford to do that diet. 315 more words