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Pilates on Fleek

Is that what the kids are saying these days? Fleek means really good so I felt it was appropriate. I have always loved Pilates and everything it does for your body but recently I have grown even more in love with it. 495 more words


How To Be a Bikini Goddess

 A beautiful body to me has always been about being strong, fit and healthy, not a skinny figure-less shape. But I’m just like any other woman,  deep down inside it feels like I need to attain that hour-glass, flab-free body, 817 more words


The Adult Club

I seem to have become an adult. When did that happen? If I’m at the quarter life crisis stage, it’s an enjoyable crisis.

Things I do now I’ve become a proper grown-up: 269 more words


Check It Out--Athletic Leisure!

Athletic Clothes are a trend that is growing this summer. For example, Kate Hudson recently came out with an athletic line called Fabletics.

You know having the perfect athletic fit can make working out fun! 145 more words

Hey Mikey

The Blogger's New Shoes

Sorry this blog is a day late. I had a crazy day yesterday working on securing a new project for ZRoles Inc.

Anyway. For those of you following along, you saw my… 594 more words

Crowd Funding

The New Way To Squat For Toned Legs And A Sexy Butt

Squats are a great way to tone your lower body, but this exercises can get really boring and painful after some point. Ever heard of the kickback squat? 33 more words


Sum Total

Sometimes we think we have to make these huge grand overhauls in our lives all at once but really all we need to do to get started is to make small changes (drink more water, eat less processed food, exercise each day). 163 more words