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Spotlight on Barre

Exercise and fitness are just as important as healthy eating in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Although, especially in winter when it is cold and dark, it can be difficult to get motivated to get up and move. 1,690 more words


The Secret to Reshaping Your Mind and Body. How to change Your Physiology to Achieve a Goal.

In order for Our Mind and Body to change Shape, Losing weight, building Muscle, Becoming Stronger and Faster we must convince the cells of our Body with the necessary actions on a consistent basis. 243 more words


The 'Classic' Green Smoothie

So it seems these days that every green vegetable or fruit we can find, we decide to shove into a blender, transform it into liquid form and chug it down by the litre! 875 more words


The stone cold science on hangover cures: this will surprise you!

What I achieved yesterday: little. Why: hangover. Some will swear by the classic remedies: hair of the dog, bacon and eggs, or a couple of sports drinks before bed. 517 more words


Sunday the 26th (@1100)

(a) Double Unders 3 x 40
(b) Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups 3 x 12
(c) Strict Handstand Push-Ups 3 x 10

TEAM WOD (AMRAP 16) 22 more words


#bodyimageissues #healthyisthenewsexy

One of my family members has been asking me for months how she can lose weight. What she should buy for groceries; What supplements to take; How she can be healthier; What she should do!! 1,018 more words


My Personal Fitness Journey- One step at a time, one day at a time

I have never been in the world of fitness. I’ve never done sports, or been on a team. I have done classical ballet my whole life, so I’ve never really been fat, but I’ve never really been “in shape” either. 264 more words