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Progress for 2015

It’s almost May…4 months of the year gone already.
So how am I tracking?
Goal 1 – reading my bible daily, ✔️
Going well, sometimes I don’t complete all the readings but generally I am reading everyday! 204 more words


Getting Swole Never Bothered Me Anyway

Check out the latest article on what you can wear every day during your week because let’s be serious, sometimes only that super cute shirt is getting your ass out of bed. 20 more words

Fitness & Foodie

Egg Free Pancakes

So since I had already eaten a stack of eggs this week, thought I should cut down for a little bit and so this gave me the chance to experiment with homemade pancakes without eggs. 237 more words



Shakshuka or “baked eggs” as it may be more commonly known, is a spicy tomato sauce based dish with eggs being the hero! I have never tried it before I made it myself so not sure what it is meant to taste like traditionally, however, my version tasted amazing regardless! 285 more words


Plank/Sphinx Exercises

What is a plank pose?  It is a simple, yet effective abdominal strengthening workout.  It is often times incorporated in yoga.  You can incorporate this pose with other moves such a leg lifts and arm lifts for a higher intensity workout!  402 more words


Another day another dollar.

That’s what they say anyway – unfortunately ’tis not so.

I went to the gym after work. It was busy but it was negotiable, which makes a huge difference. 182 more words


Footprints: Monday Morning Recap

OK, I know it’s no longer morning, but I’m finally getting around to last week’s recap. It was an up and down week with some great workouts, a tough 5k and an awesome trail relay run! 215 more words