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Watch my weight! March 31, 2015 at 07:19AM

Watch my weight! Currently 181.22 lb and 24.11 % body fat.


Jewel of the day: Tory Burch for Fitbit Fret Double Wrap Bracelet

Fitness trackers are everywhere now, from small clip ons to bands that are meant to be worn around the clock. I started using a Polar Flow in December and given the seemingly never ending cold, it’s probably pointed out my housebound sloth more than my activity level. 56 more words


Daily FitLog

Again, not an amazing day but better than yesterday! I just have to keep going and keep making an effort. I got some new jeans today and they are amazing and the fit isn’t bad but it could be better. 9 more words


Weight Watchers Weigh-In #8

Starting weight: 234lbs
Last week: 215.6lbs
Current Weight: 213.8lbs
Down: 1.8lbs
Total Down: 20.2lbs

I’ve finally lost 20 pounds. Wow! I’m so beyond proud of myself.

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Weight Watchers

Daily Summary for March 30, 2015

Total steps: 13659
Floors climbed: 17
Calories burned: 2838
Elevation gained: 170 feet
Traveled: 6.33 miles
Sedentary minutes: 608
Lightly active minutes: 247
Fairly active minutes: 86… 6 more words



I feel really refreshed today. It could be the extra hours sleep, it could be the magnesium or the extra hydration. I’ll figure that you in a few days when I get back into my normal routine and am not loading myself with salty sugary drinks every 4 hours. 18 more words


We're the Walking Dead


This post title is part pandering and part fact; I spent fourteen hours on my couch yesterday doing The Walking Dead marathon leading up to last night’s finale, because I was THAT FAR behind in the season thanks to AMC’s terrible video on demand options and not having cable when the season began. 231 more words