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Daily Summary for May 29, 2015

Total steps: 17650, Traveled: 8.17 miles
May 29, 2015
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Watch my weight! May 30, 2015 at 07:49AM

Watch my weight! Currently 182.65 lb and 24.34 % body fat.


Morning lovelies!

As usual the first app I clicked on this morning was Fitbit! & it got me in a good mood for the day before I have even got out of bed. 296 more words


Daily Summary for May 29, 2015

Total steps: 29395
Floors climbed: 51
Calories burned: 3300
Elevation gained: 510 feet
Traveled: 13.78 miles
Sedentary minutes: 533
Lightly active minutes: 161
Fairly active minutes: 93… 6 more words



Can we ask ourselves a really serious question right now?

(okay. good)

If exercise makes you feel so good, why is it so fucking hard to motivate yourself to get up off your ass everyday? 232 more words

Word Vomit

No Days Off On My Day Off

Hello friends,

I hope you all had a fine little Thursday yesterday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day here in the Twin Cities. Since I work as an *Assistant Golf Pro (*Glorified Cashier) I have random days of the week off. 313 more words


New Fitness App Is Perfect for the Most Competitive of Step Counters

Besides guilting you for sitting on your butt all day, the Fitbit app also lets you stack up your step count against other Fitbit-using friends. Like spinning classes that pit cyclists against each other, the Fitbit feature pushes you to up your fitness level by awakening your competitive spirit. 453 more words