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Day 3 Dark Green Smoothie: 02/26

1 Apple (cored)
1 Crystal Pear (cored)
1/2 Lime (Remove peel, keep pulp)
1-2 handful Spinach
1 spoon Honey
1 spoon Flax Seed (Grounded)
1/2-3/4 cup… 71 more words


Tropical Palm Print: Run

These are hot & cool.
I just can’t.


The Ballet Workout

As I mentioned before I use to be a performer so still like to keep in shape and feel confident with my body but how can you achieve that whist doing a full time job and not being able to afford a gym membership? 221 more words


Day 156


I loved my class from today. Developing all the muscles you need to back bend safely and to also deepen your practice. With a quick sun salutation warm up, followed by some poses to strengthen your thighs, lower back and arms. 66 more words


Day 155

Deep Stillness Yin Yoga

After a busy day with the family I fitted in this stillness yin yoga before bed. I love yin yoga! Holding the deep poses for 5 minutes each and just breathing through it. 21 more words


Day 154

Friday: Relax With Me Stretches

A lovely day dedicated to stretching out my body after a full week of doing pilates. Feeling so great recently, and working out a lot. 28 more words


Daily Health Tip : 3-Mar-2015 : An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away

2-Mar-2015: An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Apple is filled with a delicious wealth of vitamins and other vital elements. It is especially rich of vitamin C, which is very well protected inside the apple as a result of the big amount of bioflavonoid. 132 more words