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Workout for a slow day

So I decided last night to do a quick workout before bed.  After completing it I decided it should be shared.  This is a great beginning week workout when you feel sluggish or even if you need to get back into a normal routine. 98 more words


Why fad-diets don't work.

Today we live in a society where everyone wants a quick fix. We’re all too busy focusing on the short term benefits, rather than the long term. 284 more words


Sun's out. Buns out.

It’s that time for a new quickie workout routine! For the next two weeks I would like to focus on my glutes. Since I am studying abroad for theses two weeks, this quickie workout is perfect because I don’t need any equipment and I can do this in my hotel room. 62 more words


You are looking at my butt, aren't you?

Nog 3 weken te gaan en dan loop ik met een heleboel andere vrouwen twee rondjes om Ahoy. Dat is bij elkaar ongeveer 10 kilometer en moet te doen zijn. 522 more words


A busy weekend riding both horses

The horses and I have had a very busy (fun) weekend. I had two lessons yesterday with Sally Francis (one on each horse). Today, I rode Timmy with some friends, then followed that with a cross country session with my Mr Moo. 105 more words

detox advice?

im going on vacation in 2 weeks so I wanted to do a detox drink the week before to lose some weight quickly. I’ve heard of the Jillian Michaels detox recipe, does anyone have experience with that? 10 more words

Day Twenty Three: On overdoing it.

I should have been in the gym today. I should have hit the weights like a speeding train. I should be buzzing today.

But I’m not. 354 more words