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Wow, exercising in the british heatwave!!

As I’m sure all my follow Brits can appreciate we have seen some hot temperatures by UK standards this week! However, life goes on….and so does the fitness drive! 79 more words


Too Easy To Not Share

I have made my fair share of pancakes.. that is for sure!  I have tried out Pinterest recipes (healthy and not-so-healthy) and tried to come up with my own ideas on a household breakfast staple.     111 more words


Koszyki jajeczne

Lekka letnia przystawka? Koszyki jajeczne! Z fetą, brokułami, tymiankiem i oliwą truflową... Wersja dla mięsożerców z szynką parmeńską, wersja vege z cukinią. Zapraszam 👌
6 OSÓB… 121 more words

my body...

So… This is my body….I have three kids and I am 40years old…but I like taking care of myself…I work hard and I am careful to what I eat and how much I indulge in bad food and alcohol… I know that women publishing pictures where they proudly show their cellulitis come out as nicer….women just like the comforting feeling of looking at other women’s defects….and find hateful looking at perfect bodies…but the truth is that my shape is not impossible to reach…I am the proof that… 62 more words

Fit or not?

Sometimes I feel like we’re living in a world where fitness means hating hamburgers, pancakes and working out 32 hours a day 9 days a week. 145 more words

Back to Fit, Week 12, Day 26

MY FIRST ROUND IS OVER! 12 weeks have flown by and despite the many hurdles, both physically and emotionally, I’m proud that I never threw the towel in and gave up. 219 more words


4 Tricks to More Disciplined Eating Habits

Most of us health conscious readers are familiar with the universal statement of how “abs are made in the kitchen”. Doesn’t matter how many hours you spend in the gym – your physique will never be at peak if your diet ain’t up to scratch. 813 more words