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Post Holiday Pinks

You know you had a good holiday when you take off your cardi and peeling skin puffs into the air like a snowy cloud, wafting gently to the ground.  345 more words

Fit Bitch

On cookies and swimming costumes

There’s nothing I love more than baking. Except, maybe, eating what I’ve baked. There’s also nothing I love less than looking sadly at my swimming costume; worrying more about covering up than showing off. 436 more words

Fit Bitch

Day 7/Day 124

I’m giving myself 1 week to eat what is on my food plan and do at least the P90x workout daily. If I screw up at all I’m going to have to put off my plans to enter the WBFF and try to do it next year. 75 more words

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Ringing in the New Year- goals

I am finally ready this time. I don’t know why I haven’t been ready over the last nine years. I always thought I was motivated enough, driven enough and dedicated enough. 278 more words

Weight Loss

Tai Chi is Yoga submerged in Jell-O

We will get to Tai Chi. But first, I just have to listen to one song…

OK. So – Tai Chi.

I was warned about Tai Chi – it’s the old-folks class that doesn’t make you sore or get your heart rate up. 609 more words

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How Pilates crushed my ego and my entire body

The above photo of a graceful woman, exercising with ease and strength? It isn’t me. It’s some chick in Wikimedia Commons.

I’m the woman off-screen with an expression I usually reserve for opening stubborn jars of Prego sauce. 896 more words

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Sometimes the scale is awesome

Yesterday I was all excited to step on the scale and see that I’d officially lost 10 pounds.

It was such a good feeling!! I’d recently started drinking kale smoothies with flavored weight loss oatmeal, fat free strawberry yogurt with almond milk (until yesterday when I ran out of milk and just used water). 94 more words

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