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A Celtic Fantasy Plays Out In Scotland

Fantasy sells we suppose, because among other reasons, reality kind of sucks; it’s not famously a lot of fun. “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread” is a bit short of the appeal in: “Vote for me and I’ll take care of you.” And today, we even have Pope Francis reminding that our governors owe us care. 417 more words


The Famos $600 Toilet Seat In Today's World ...

The infamous $600 toilet seat¬†was a TV speech in which President Ronald Reagan complained of government’s wasteful spending. A new report complains of Obamacare spedning. 361 more words


Government Spending Explained ...

We heard from President Bush (GOP) and from President Obama (DEM) that the government must spend more to make up for the drop in our spending that started in 2008; this will get the enervated economy going again. 409 more words


Political Theater And The Crisis Du Jour, Substituting For News ...

American and European voters (unless they’re Swiss) are being herded through elections by political theatrical performances intended to maintain those in power so that they can reward their supporters. 639 more words


Is Thirsty Detroit An American Prophecy?

Detroit was the nation’s third largest, calling itself the “motor city” after its primary economic activity: The world-leading U.S. auto industry. But now, GM makes more cars in China, Chrysler is a department of Fiat and world leaders lie Toyota and Honda make their U.S. 396 more words

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