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Hi There!

Hi There!!


Hi! My name is Emmylee! Nice to meet you! I am so happy to finally be at the point in my life where I know I NEED to blog. 490 more words

Blog Name

What Am I Doing?

First blog entries are confusing to me, largely because there is not a single blog I have read the entirety of, besides the every so often restarts of friends who, to lesser and greater extents, announce their blogging intentions only to grow weary of the exercise in a few months.  153 more words


Here it is

I don’t belong to you,
I don’t belong to me.
I belong to the rhythm of the waves,

and the rustle of the leaves,
The tip toe of heavy feet on wooden floors, 141 more words


Allow me to introduce myself.

Hello everyone! First ever blog post, so please be kind. Where to start? Well, I think the most important thing you need to understand is why I’m starting a blog – yet that might be one of the most difficult questions to answer in reality. 457 more words

Current Affairs

This is so exciting having a new website!!!

I need more involvement on this website till i can really post regularly. Well i do like the fact that i own my own website. I am curious if i will ever have a decent webpage that will get lots of views. 109 more words


My first Post...

I’ve contemplated blogging for a while now, but I was too frightened of my writing being seen , judged and criticized by people I’ve never even met, but today I got a surge of confidence and created a blog. 11 more words