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FCE Transformation 1st Booklet 07

7 Not many people buy CDs these days.


Only a ___________________________________________buy CDs these days.

Can you complete the sentence using the given word? You must use between two and five words, which must include the given word, and the meaning must be as close as possible to the first sentence.

Keyword Transformations

A Quick Update

This just a quick update…

Today our oldest foster kiddo started unsupervised visits.  This is an exciting time for him because it is a sign that re-unification is closing in.  72 more words


Guest Post

Helllloooo world! So I was hoping that I could, myself, guest post on someone’s website. To give you a little preview it’s about me recently reading my first ever (actual) comic and what I thought about it. 94 more words

Emily's 1st Birthday!

Finally! I’ve been able to figure how to work with dyptic shots so that I can place my photos exactly the way I want them to! 86 more words


World Book Day and a Guest Post

Helllloooo world! So as you guys may (not) know, today is World Book Day so I just wanted to wish you guys a Happy World Book Day and tell you to keep reading and writing books! 136 more words


My First Knife Set

I was so excited when I bought my first knife set. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. I’ve always wanted to have my own and not use other people’s bad simple knife. 142 more words


Mr Hedgehog's Hairdo

This is Mr Hedgehog from My First Post sporting a new hairdo – Selaginella kraussiana, or Club Moss. I think it suits him and will suit me too to care for it, as it likes shady and moist conditions, as he’s an indoor hedgehog and there is no drainage in this planter! 58 more words