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Black Lives Matter - And They Matter Even More When Protesters Get Paid To Yell About It

Ferguson protesters are slowly coming to the realization that being a full-time professional protester doesn’t exactly pay the bills. Last week, a bunch of them were on Twitter…

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I think I’ve figured out a way to get my husband to do those big chores I’ve been putting off doing myself.

All I have to do is ask him to do ONE thing on his day off while I’m at work. 33 more words

When enough isn't enough

I’m legit hurting in my soul right now.

I though I was done with caring for the Knicks, but last night proved I was only kidding myself. 346 more words


FOMO: It's What's For Dinner

We’re the generation that has, unfortunately, been plagued with a constant feeling of missing out. We’ve all been there: that night in you were once so enthused about was instantaneously ruined as soon as you checked your Snapchat stories or how you scroll through Facebook after a long day at work and see everyone’s awesome summer adventures abroad. 544 more words


Dear Diary | Seven | Feeling Tired

Dear Diary,

Lately I have been incredibly tired. Between lack of sleep, nightmares when I do sleep and my brain working overload, I understand why. Yes, I could take sleeping pills, but I have had bad experiences. 101 more words


So I Found Out I Am a Princess

I expected many things coming to Kenya. One I did not expect was to feel like a princess.

It started as I was walking around the small university town of Juja where we are residing. 1,293 more words

The Next Day

A late night last night.  A restless night’s sleep.  A husband who had to be up at 5.  I am not a morning person unless the morning is starting around 9. 338 more words