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What really gets my goat...

What really gets my goat: something which annoys you to the point of getting pissed. (Urban Dictionary, 2006.)

I love a moan.  I love a good complain.  373 more words


How do you brew?

As mentioned before, I currently work in a rather large office. People do ” tea rounds” for their block of desks. So imagine my absolute horror when I walked to the kitchen to help someone making a particularly large round and caught them putting the milk in first – before the water?! 194 more words

iLove you, iLove you not... iDunno

Relationships and technology – two areas of my life where, despite all my best intentions, I have taken a few hits. I’ve probably spent roughly much time in JB HI-FI processing warrantee claims as I’ve spent trying to sew back together my heart and my dignity. 1,110 more words


Whatever Comes Next

Sometimes in the midst of chaos and turmoil in life, things just seem to work out for the best. A few weeks ago, my husband and I left town to visit family. 663 more words

Life's Lessons

The First World Problem Of Rural Internet

I sat down at the computer over an hour ago to work on my blog for the day, only to discover that everything is taking an eternity to load the internet. 337 more words


When to Unfriend

Sometimes I’m on Facebook and I realize that I should probably whittle down my friends list a bit. I mean how many of these people do I actually communicate with on anything like a regular basis? 318 more words