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Sigh: This sign at a gay pride parade shows how ABSURD things have become...

The sign reads, “Rainbows are just reflected white light.” Yeah, turns out even gay pride is now racist. Does that mean the rainbow flag will soon go the way of the Confederate flag?

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Sucker Punched

Just found out this adorable beautiful sweet little cat we adopted last week who needs surgery will cost us $1200-$1300.

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The Domino Effect- Library Style

Library in Japan Comes Under Fire for Trying to Break a Book Toppling Record

Via The Telegraph

Plans for a library in Japan to celebrate its recent renovations by attempting to break a book domino world record have been widely criticized by Japanese people as disrespectful to books.

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Hello Social Justice Wankers, stop using the world as your jizz rag. Kthxcheebye.

I’ve been working on writing again… this one’s a rebuttal to an opinion piece I saw on Facebook, although I feel like I can only work on this shit for short periods at a time because the facile logic it expresses gives me mental heartburn. 927 more words

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First World Problems

I have a problem with huffity people, including myself. What I really have a problem with is semi-first world problems. For example, ‘This food is the worst I’ve ever eaten, to have ever existed.’ Yes, maybe it is, but sometimes perspective is good. 214 more words

The Word Police are After you Again and They're Being More Racist Than They Want to Admit

The University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point has released a list of microaggressions it expects new faculty to read. The list, first reported by the Social Memo, can be found on the university’s official website.

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