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Much to Do

This guy. He’s quite the mover. Ever since he started walking around Christmas, he hasn’t looked back. We take him to the boardwalk along Bellingham Bay and to the beach on a regular basis now so that he can stroll around. 154 more words

Baby Sturgis

First Read - teabagger (cough) 'Personal Responsibility' - 'Uninsured Ex-Sheriff Who Fought O-care Struggles To Pay Medical Bills'

You remember ‘Sheriff’ Richard Mack…..Don’t you?

This ‘former’ Sheriff is a ‘State’s Rights’, nullification idiot.

Ya’ll see the Constitution gives the States ‘rights’ that the federal goberment can’t take away. 235 more words


First Word - In My Back Yard - 'North Idaho Kootenai County GOP To Vote On Designating Idaho A Christian State'

Saner voices prevailed – ”Hell Nay’ To ‘Christian State’ Try'(1)

But it speaks to the minority in the Republican Party – even in North Idaho – that have this constant drone of them vs. 172 more words


First Word - 'Why the Bill O'Reilly charges aren't sticking'

Politico has an a just full of crap post on why the charges against O’Reilly aren’t sticking.

You can read it here if you have extra time in your life that you need to waste… 247 more words


Surrey Staycation

Last week we went on our holidays. At one point, we thought this would be a week in Barbados. But with me still technically unemployed and some unknowns at the Other Half’s place of work, we decided for a week in Surrey instead. 739 more words


Freddie's first word....

Yes yes it’s finally here….
His first word was Mummy!!!
Totally skipped mama! Yesssssssssssssss! Xx


She speaks? Part 2

A month ago, I wrote wondering if Baby Girl had said her first word. She had said “aw duh” (all done) after her lunch, with the sign language, which we have used repeatedly since we started weaning 6 months ago. 787 more words