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First Word Republicans 2016 - 'Paul: Clinton needs one campaign plane just 'for her baggage'

Dear Rand,

Hillary has been in politics most of her life and has changed positions less then you have in 4 years. Go ahead and stand on a stage next to her and let’s see who America picks. 78 more words


First Word

‘New entry in the exalted Dickipedia Collection’ – Ted Nugent


Hattie: Month 8 (talking, Skyping, and Spring)

Happy Spring everyone!! Hurray! I love Fall and I love Spring! Unfortunately theyre the too shortest seasons ever…which is dumb. Whatever.

Not much has been going on outside of the usual on the Bozeman homestead. 433 more words

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First Word

I’m getting a cold so if the postings look a little scattered, well Nyquil, a little dab will do you…….or something like that.


First Word - '18 simple April Fools' Day pranks'

Yeah, yeah it’s not tomorrow but a couple of these need to be done today.

By far my 2 favorites :

14. ‘Parents: Freeze the kid’s breakfast cereal the night before’. 52 more words


First Word - 'Questions For Indiana’s Critics'

From a NYT article by Ross Douthat :

An organization can open it’s doors to selected members who voluntarily consent to follow the organizations rules. 572 more words


First Read - Stupid Headlines

‘Rep. Gohmert weighing presidential bid’

‘Conservative firebrand Rep. Louie Gohmert indicated he might launch an exploratory committee for president when originally asked if he would support Sen. 378 more words