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The force has awakened.

We made my pregnancy a lot more exciting by adding a nickname to our little peanut. The family has decided to call our baby, Jedi. Jedi came from the Star Wars movie, which is our son’s favorite. 320 more words


Remember the Big Picture!

Today marked the end of my second (unsuccessful) attempt at having a healthy baby. This time the baby was hanging in there longer – the doctor estimates about 8 or so weeks. 592 more words

Pregnancy Loss

Putting the RAGE in pREGnAnt

Hell hath no fury like a knocked-up feminist, you guys. I have been going from zero to RAGE in five seconds flat lately, and while I know hormones are playing a role that isn’t the only reason. 578 more words

First Trimester

The good, the bad and the ugly: the first trimester

It’s been weeks that I’ve been meaning to sit down (I’m finally allowed to sit…in a chair – exciting times, I tell you) and record everything I want to remember about my pregnancy, like fun facts, precious moments…as well as moments that weren’t that pleasant but came with the territory.  998 more words

Bliss In Motherhood

Totally Knocked Up

I turned 10 weeks pregnant yesterday (is that how you say that?). It’s a strange place to be, because most people have no idea I’m pregnant and I feel weird saying anything. 470 more words

First Trimester

Early pregnancy: Like the X-Factor, and not in a good way

Post written on 8th January 2015

At the time of writing this I am 5 weeks pregnant – so not very pregnant at all. My period is late, my breasts are sore and the blue line on the test leaves no doubt, but it is early days and I am 39. 968 more words


Body Positive Pregnancy

When you Google about being fat and pregnant you get a TON of info that’s basically all doom and gloom about how you will die, your baby will die, everyone you love will die, and maybe if you weren’t so damned fat none of this would have happened, Fatty McFatterson. 864 more words

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