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Good morning! Sorry for the late posting…I was too full of excitement yesterday to function!

We had our first sonogram and it went wonderfully! I seen my little squiggle’s heart thumping and even got to hear it! 891 more words


The giggles. Day one hundred and fifty three.

Today we saw our fully formed tiny baby for the first time. It was such a happy and joyful moment I couldn’t stop laughing at first and my belly laughs kept interrupting the scan. 13 more words

5 Reasons We're Telling You At 5 Weeks

Most couples wait until 12 weeks to announce a pregnancy. Since we are less than halfway through the first trimester, I wanted to reach out and tell you exactly why we made this decision. 821 more words

5 Weeks

10 things I missed most during pregnancy

From time to time, I forget I am not pregnant anymore. I feel a flutter in my tummy, and I think it’s the baby kicking. I lie on my back, and think I shouldn’t be doing this because it is bad for the baby. 1,565 more words

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The First Trimester - Overview


This post is, as titled, about the first trimester of my pregnancy. There are pictures and lots of details. If you’re struggling with IF and not in a good place – please do yourself a favor and skip this post! 1,931 more words


5 First Trimester Do's and Don'ts.

Well, If you didn’t figure it out from the title of this post or from the picture above yet… I’m Pregnant!

Yup, that’s right I’ve got a baby girl growing inside of me and I’m extremely excited about it. 628 more words

Anna Gannon

The first trimester gap. Days one hundred and thirty to one hundred and fifty two.

Well it looks like I have officially missed 22 days of joy! Or at least the recording thereof. Yes, it’s true. I slacked off, and I really haven’t been counting the moments, though of course there have been moments. 140 more words