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To friends & family

Thanks to all our friends and family for giving their support, morally or financially.

First Post

Why FI? And, more specifically, why "f you money"?

The reasons why I’d like to be financially independent are too numerous for a single blog post. Additionally, the majority¬†of them are most likely ubiquitous amongst¬†all wage laborers — so I won’t bother with even mentioning them. 497 more words

First Post

On Starting a Blog.

My mom asked me a few days ago when I was going to write a book. My response? No idea. I have so many thoughts and ideas that are just waiting to be spilled out onto a page…but a book? 866 more words

About Me

Hello fellow food lovers!

For this first blog I think I will tell you guys what the content of my blog will include from this point onwards. But first I will tell you a little about myself :-) 569 more words

First Post

First Post?!

Hey there, my new bubble buddies! I’m Admiral Bubbles! With that name you wouldn’t expect anything depressing right? Ha ha, only those who survive my torture chambers of feelings know the truth. 126 more words

Admiral Bubbles

Not a welcome post

So, I created this thing a few days ago and forgot about it. It’s ironic because what I had in mind when I was in the process of creating this was ‘I will not abandon this project like I’ve done with many others’ and the first thing I do is forget about. 413 more words

First Post

Hello Readers!

This is my writing blog. I’m going to post whatever writing I do here. This will include fanfic, poetry, and more serious works. I might also post story recs and reviews of books and fanfic I read. 16 more words

First Post