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Virtual Tourist - ZMR 4/26/15


Tried a new game (for me) yesterday. Multiplayer First Person Shooter. Has PVP (Bleah!) as well as PVE (YEAH!) zones. Ended up getting dizzy as sin but it was definitely intense! 227 more words

Gloria Oliver

Tower of Guns (Review on PlayStation 4)

There was a time that Tower of Guns would have been par for first-person shooters. You begin on the ground floor of a tower and proceed to climb to the top, battling an army of murderous robots along the way.

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18th-24th April Weekly News Roundup

By Lauren McLean

Hey there and welcome to this Friday’s OK Games Weekly News Roundup! Let’s get into it… 255 more words


Valve Game review 1: Portal

Greetings, video gamers, and welcome to another post about two related games. The games featured today are Portal, a physics-portal-puzzle based game, and Half-life 2, a physics-puzzle-first person shooter game. 194 more words

Game Reviews

Shadow Warrior: Can't Remember That Night

When we left off, Wang had jost gotten his hands on his combat armor (now allowing you to collect armor on top of health packs {typical of FPS games of the era}) and had continued on the trail of the Golem carrying the sword that both Wang and his demon pal Hoji are after. 530 more words