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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 7/10

Here we are again, yet another game added to the Call of Duty franchise.  Advanced Warfare attempts to breathe new life into the Call of Duty franchise by setting it in the future.  571 more words

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Galaxy Heist, Sets Their Sights On Kickstarter

Since our original announcement Space Bear Development has been making great progress on their upcoming epic sci-fi adventure, Galaxy Heist.

They’re creating a massively open world galaxy where you engage in epic space battles and experience close quarters, first person FPS action. 407 more words


Shadow Warrior: Not Quite a Genie

As Chapter 8 opens, Wang is still making his way through the Zilla Corporation’s compound. This bit is less of a sewage management plant, and more of a rail yard and dock. 239 more words



I think it’s safe to say that Doom is one of the most modded games that exists. Whether it’s your basic high-resolution texture mod or full-on conversions like Brutal Doom which ramp the violence up to eleven, there is plenty that one can offer to the twenty plus year-old engine. 1,052 more words


System Shock 2

System Shock 2 (commonly abbreviated SS2 or Shock 2 ) is a game of action RPG , science fiction and horror , designed by Ken Levine , which incorporates typical elements of first-person shooter . 164 more words


Shadow Warrior: You Should See the Other Guy

Dropping out of Hoji’s portal was a fun experience to say the least.


He didn’t seem to mind dropping Wang on his ass, but we were here on a mission, so a broken ass could wait. 139 more words


Destiny Daily 5/19/15: Unleash The Queen's Wrath as House of Wolves Releases

Today is the day! House of Wolves will go live at 12pm CT. There’s not much to post now simply because there’s only Vanguard and Crucible bounties available. 328 more words