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The Evolution of the Predator (Part 3, Chapter 4)

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Part Three: As the Curses Rage

Chapter Four

I waited outside in the Osminog costume. Blue had said that today was the day, that Chirchirrup was well and had spent enough time praying to the Protector. 2,081 more words


Massasoit’s Decision: First Contact and Teaching IR

By Will H. Moore

Many of us who teach international relations turn to fictional accounts of “first contact” to illustrate processes such as the security dilemma, alliances, balancing power, and so on. 555 more words

Civil War

Sector 64: Ambush. They come in peace. Or not...

This is an entertaining military sci-fi romp; an opening episode in a new series which refreshingly does far more than introduce the characters, set up the scenario and leave us dangling for Part Two… 733 more words

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First Contact

What would you do if you met another species? What if they looked like a bug? Pirate’s probably not the best person to make contact with an alien race, anyways. 7 more words


The Three-Body Problem

Now then: a chance to apply, or more likely to misapply, Hayot’s categories, since for all the blurb’s attempt to make it seem comfortingly familiar (“ 1,863 more words


"District 9" by Neill Blomkamp

Neil Blomkamp’s latest sci-fi film, Chappie, hits U.S. theaters on March 6. Here I review Blomkamp’s breakout hit, District 9. Next week, I will review  392 more words

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