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Welcome to My Blog

Hello, my name is Eric and I started this blog because I’m looking to better my approach and style to writing. I hail from Appleton, WI. 151 more words


Starting my first blog because why not?

And Euripides is right, “nothing has more strength than dire necessity.”

Here I am with my first blog and I’m already quoting philosophy. Hi there! The name’s Vivien and honestly, I have no idea why I’m doing this. 155 more words

First Blog

Hello world!


This is my first blog and I’m excited to try something new. My goal with the blog is to log different activities and ideas that happen in my life. 99 more words

First Post

We made it!

….and I don’t mean, “We made it” as in success….That comes later (in my Bane voice), As I type this I can’t imagine who’s reading¬†but…I’m talking so, let’s get to it! 161 more words


Well that's strange

I don’t know why I’ve never tried blogging before. I guess I just always thought nobody cared about what I had to say. Why would people across the world even want to know what my boring life consists of? 87 more words


I Love You- A Little girl's diary

You never proposed me,

Still we never cared enough

I was happy to just see you smile

And your eyes sparkling with love.


I wish I could be in your arms forever, … 149 more words


Hello World Again?

Hey,so those who don’t know me,I’m Shaunak Ganorkar and this is the second time I have started blogging. The first time I thought I had started blogging was on Google Blogs by the name shaunakganorkar.blogspot.com… 130 more words

First Blog