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UCS - Service Profiles - Policies - BIOS Policy, Firmware Maintenance, Power

Servers tab

Boot Policy

FC boot – vHBA and target WWPN

Maintenance Firmware Package

Before you start anything, the first thing to do is to go to Equipment tab and record Blade model, adapter model etc etc on the scratch paper. 174 more words

Lab Exam

Social Networks Vulnerable to New Malware Called Linux/Moose

A new research paper on Linux/Moose shows that the malware is a significant threat to social networks by hijacking routers and causing havoc in more ways than one. 507 more words


qboot, new x86 firmware for qemu

Last week, Paolo Bonzini of Red Hat announced qboot, a new x86 firmware option for QEMU. qboot is a minimal x86 firmware that runs on QEMU and, together with a slimmed-down QEMU configuration, boots a virtual machine in 40 milliseconds on an Ivy Bridge Core i7 processor. 32 more words

ARM Trusted Firmware

Starting around 2013, ARM started to release “ARM Trusted Firmware” as a BSD-licensed Github-hosted open source project.¬† ARM Trusted Firmware is the trusted execution environment that runs behinds the scenes of the OS on AArch64 platforms. 108 more words