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Open Letter to Apple Regarding Wordpress

Dear Apple:

Over a year ago I upgraded to Mavericks/Safari 7.x (frankly I don’t remember the exact number. The countless error reports should include it. It was the mavericks/safari bundle) and after that day my safari/wordpress relationship came to a halt. 421 more words


Windows users are also vulnerable to FREAK snooping attacks

The “FREAK” vulnerability that downgrades and weakens secure web connections doesn’t just affect Google and Apple users — according to a security advisory from Microsoft, all supported versions of Windows are vulnerable too. 407 more words

Cara install mozila firefox online

video tentang cara install salah satu software browser mozila firefox secara online. yuk tonton videonya.


Smartphones are all the same now—but only on the outside

BARCELONA—At the Mobile World Congress this year, there were connected cars and bluetooth toothbrushes and smartwatches in spades, but above all there were phones. In every one of the the eight and a half football-field-size halls, there were hundreds upon hundreds of sexy, sleek, shiny smartphones. 485 more words

Be conscious of how to make google the default engine of a new tab in Firefox

  • Type about:confing in a new tab.
  • Adopt the message that warns you.
  • In the search tool on the top type newtab and in the value of…
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Fixing Browser Crashes - Browser Reset Function

When a browser – for example, Firefox – repeatedly crashes – for no clear reason – don’t panic! At least – not until you’ve used Firefox’s ‘browser reset’ function to attempt to address the issue. 178 more words

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Apple's default search engine: Is DuckDuckGo next in line?

”While Google and Apple’s search engine contract is about to expire, other players stand in line like available bachelorettes, desperate to become Apple’s next choice for Safari’s default search tool,” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP. 303 more words