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The Chandler-Joey Paradox

I’m taking a break from being pissed off so I can wax about writing and characters and stuff.

Given the popularity of Friends, I am about 99.9% certain that some one, some where, has written about what I’m about to write about, but a Google search of “Chandler Joey Paradox” comes up with nothing, which means that at the very least, I’m probably the first person to have given it a cool name. 678 more words


Mad Speculation - Joan Holloway Harris

Joan Holloway Harris has been the real power behind Sterling Cooper since Mad Men’s first season. She glides through the office part fixer, part madam, always perfectly coiffed and polished. 351 more words


Photo Blogging Challenge - Two (March 2015)

All through March I’ve been imagining possible photographic interpretations of two and thinking to myself that our challenge host/organizer must use some sort of random phrase/word generator to help determine each theme. 1,029 more words



Hello wonderful people! Below is a poem that was originally written in July, back in 2013. YES, TWO YEARS AGO AAH! (<lame excitement) So anyhow, I had written it to inspire myself, and it had felt very personal back then. 212 more words


Odd Criteria

You who look in here with some regularity will remember that a while ago I was mulling how to dispose of a gift certificate I got last Christmas, and somewhat more recently there was… 530 more words


Body troubles

I’ve had a really lazy weekend, in fact Sunday was largely spent on the couch with my hungover husband which meant while he slept I got to steal the TV remote and watch lots of Firefly. 287 more words

Review of Blue Sun Expansion for Firefly: The Game

Is your corner of the ‘Verse starting to feel a little bit small? Would you like to make some new friends and take on new challenges? 1,806 more words

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