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Living on the edge of a cliff
The sound of the running water,
Ever reminding me of the time
Wishing to freeze every drop of it… 54 more words


Nao - Inhale Exhale

Man, Nao is gaining some traction.

The London singer stepped on to the scene last year, opening eyes with her performance on the A. K. Paul collab, “So Good”. 49 more words


Mock Coexist. Spoilers

“Mock Coexist. Spoilers”?
Am I about to pour some badly grammar’d humour on the social fabric of humankind?

Nah, that’d be too easy. Anybody can feed of the global press and make snide comments about how poorly we manage to be and let be. 842 more words


6 Airline Yang Mungkin Anda Tidak Tahu Wujud Di Malaysia

Anda mungkin biasa menggunakan perkhidmatan Air Asia ataupun MAS. Mungkin juga anda pernah menaiki pesawat Malindo dan Firefly. Untuk yang tinggal di Sarawak, MASWings bukanlah asing pada anda. 446 more words


Bug Bite

If you thing that this is going to talk about creepy crawly bug bites then you are in for a surprise.  This is not about bug bites but about a particular bug that bit me, the travel bug and since this is a site concerning my tricycle riding then that is what this is going to be about. 1,312 more words


ESFP: Hoban "Wash" Washburne, "Firefly"

The Performer, The Activator, The Challenger

For the record, Alan Tudyk is taller than Gina Torres (by an inch-and-a-half, according to IMDb). Usually, he plays big guys (like the serial killer Alpha in Joss Whedon’s later show… 743 more words



Tuesday – Wednesday, 13 – 14 December 2518
Mala Pua and Donovan’s Reach
Argos Peninsula, Hera
Georgia (Huang Long) System

Lianna worked harder than usual at staying busy. 2,514 more words

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