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The Firefly Legend and the Thistle Flower...

There is a family in my area that grew up having to take the thistles out of the farmland so that the other crops could grow. 641 more words


First Kiss

The best time I had
Was the time we wasted
When we slept under the stars
That night in a blooming meadow.
I looked into your eyes… 50 more words

How can you make money easily?

What would you buy if you were given 100 $ extra money today? Is there anything that you would like to spend this amount of money on? 313 more words

Lights in the night

As I write this, it is night time, and I can see the tv towers on top of Mount Lofty blinking red outside my window in the distance. 387 more words

the fireflies within

dry burning patch

a clean sweeping fire
flaming allover

sparks crackled
cracking darkness

the fireflies

with an earthly longing smell
over clumping phase

such ‘links': 103 more words


Star Gazing

Came home from class today and was forced to park in the parking lot of the baseball field next to our house since our driveway is still icy. 112 more words


Under the sky full of stars...

All i need to do is to just close my eyes,

And i see you,

Your face glowing like fireflies,

Right under the starry constellation.. 214 more words