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TRAINING WITH AIRSOFT: 4 steps toward more realistic firearms training - PoliceOne.com

YES, All this!  Think outside the box for training, whether you are a sworn officer or an armed citizen!  AIRSOFT is part of the mix now!  68 more words


March 29, 2015: Response to Gun Insanity

Paul P. Carlucci of Valrico expressed the opinion in the March 24, 2015 Tampa Tribune that guns on college campuses is an insane idea.  His arguments mirror the earlier comments of Chryl Anderson of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America in which she describes college life as “toxic”.  404 more words

A tragedy occurred yesterday

Yesterday in Florida a tragedy occurred. A 13-year-old boy shot his 6-year-old and 16-year-old brothers before turning the gun on himself. A 18-year-old brother and his mother were both out of the house when the shooting occurred. 797 more words

ReCover Tactical BC2 Beretta Grip and Rail Review

For the past two or three years, my Beretta M9 has almost exclusively performed regular nightstand duty. Of all my handguns, the M9 has been fired the most and (contrary to most gun owners) I love the decocker and double-action first trigger pull for a defensive sidearm. 1,635 more words


Playing with Fire

I have a suppressor. It is new, and I’m just now getting to take it to the range to try it out.

I was recommended by the manufacturer that coating the innards with white lithium grease prior to shooting through it would make cleaning it immensely easier. 238 more words