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Providential divining from Sholing Common to Glastonbury: two chalybeate springs

Chance furnishes me with what I need. I’m like a man who stumbles: my foot strikes something, I look down, and it’s exactly what I’m in need of. 585 more words

absurdity- king saint finnerty the festive

absurdity is when the bad guy wins and everybody then laughs at you, the bad guy’s nemesis, because they didn’t understand either.

absurdity is when nobody understands but you and you are actually right and not the standard fool they expect you to be. 465 more words

The Fklc

Blue Blue City - Peter Kelly

I’ve gone and copied the entire contents of my anti-novel Blue Blue City onto a WordPress post.

I did it because I was curious. I wanted to see if a single blogpost could handle the text, and it looks like it can. 156,623 more words


On Reading 1 (or Quantum Field Theory of Literature; or On Finnegan's Wake 1)

The paradoxcycle dilemmena: the langauge theories (gauges more typtopically ordered to put the Four Forcemen of the Antipocolypse (BANG!) into their group theorhetorical cages to prove onceandforall, onallstages fourallayges, the symmetrickly (it’s super!) allelegance and the scaley invariance undoudubitably sphericentral to our infinidismal variexistence) novel is all about rhymerhythm and flow (from swerve of shore to bend of bay), which requires the reader ‘listen’ carefully, meaning quite literally sounding out everything on the page in your head. 88 more words


The Phoenix Tavern

The Phœnix Tavern in Swan Street (formerly Cow Lane), Northampton, is long gone. When I found this picture (so long ago I’ve forgotten where I found it) I thought of the… 88 more words

The Importance of the Underground

“Lord, heap miseries upon us yet entwine our arts with laughters low.”

An article by Antonio Espinosa


The term ‘underground’ as applied to music has come to mean something more than a lack of widespread recognition or commercial success. 2,848 more words


'Hencetaking tides we haply return': a stone labyrinth on Mudeford Sandspit

Years ago I made a circular labyrinth, composed of seven circuits of pebbles, on the beach at Mudeford Sandspit, near Hengistbury Head. It took a few hours to gather the large pebbles and arrange them according to the classical design, but I enjoyed the process and the short-lived result. 215 more words