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By RistoAarneEdvardKernen

Source: 500px.com


Oulu, week 1

Edit: okay. Wow. Due to WordPress deleting the entire post I spent maybe an hour and a half just writing because of its useless app, I’ve decided not to write this blog. 6 more words

Under the rain, in front of the Old Market Hall in Helsinki

Last week we had an exceptionally rainy day in Helsinki. I had a photo shooting job near the Old Market Hall, a job which I had to do though the timing was far from perfect. 21 more words


Country living in Åland

After a brutal 5AM wake-up call we had a wonderful morning on the boat to Åland. Time passed quickly with yoga, reading and people watching as the hang-overed Finnish youth crawled by our table on the sun deck. 113 more words


How to Find a Quiet Place to Relax in a Crowded Foreign City

Do you often come back from a trip and feel like you need a “vacation to recover from your vacation?”  You’re not alone.

Many people feel this way because they didn’t let themselves decompress at any time while they were away.  922 more words

It's Vacation Time!

Hi all!

I just started my Summer holiday today and the weather here in Southern Finland is also finally starting to feel like summer.

Here’s a small holiday-themed doodle I made using pens, paper, Adobe Shape CC iPhone app and PhotoShop. :)

Happy Summer!