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Strange continuity

Suppose you were sitting at home, relaxing on a sofa with your dog, when suddenly your visual image of the dog gave way to that of a steaming bowl of noodles. 36 more words


From Jamaica to Minnesota to Myself

I had just left my parents’ house in Portmore, a suburb outside Kingston, for my own apartment in the city: a one-bedroom studio, barely 600 square feet, with yellow shag carpeting, a tiny terrace enclosed in jail bars, a bedroom looking out on somebody else’s bedroom and a ceiling I could reac… 18 more words



up way too early and had a five am hot tub … put out all the cushions so the garden would be ready when I got home from the Diabetes Walk that some of my colleagues and I were taking part in… 244 more words

Big Girl Pants

On to The Print Copy!

So now on to the print version of The Trinket Box! I have decided I’m just going to go with the non-distribution for now.  Order books as I need them and send them out.  265 more words

Just one more whine...

so I know my posts have taken a bit of a negative turn in the past few days, but I’m having a bit of a rough ride of it! 257 more words

Create a sci-fi image in one hour, and why I could do it.

This week I was browsing the web when I fell on an image that struck me. As usual the image was downloaded and put in my “inspiration” folder, a place where there are all sort of stuff that must be checked back later , either to analyze, study from, get inspired or maybe try to recreate a similar atmosphere or effect depicted in that image. 261 more words


Right Angles

‘lo and behold!

This week I tried my hands at a nice big Base for Eldar Battleships.

As you can see, it is closely modeled after the… 65 more words