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Selfish Shellfish Salty

I’ve been editing some of the photos from Selfish Shellfish Salty, the debut production of SuperPosition Productions, for which I am a founding member, producer and production designer. 68 more words

Claire Lavender

A New Pencil Skirt, Fabric Haul!

So this week hasn’t been as productive as I wanted it to be. I had planned on sewing up a skirt and top set, but I only got the skirt done. 898 more words


The Alpha Legion warband of Thorfinn The Bloody Furious.

I am currently working on another unit of cultists.  Over the last couple of years my cultists have become more like Traitor Guard and less like the first 10 miniatures out of the box painted as cultists!   624 more words

Finished Work

Owl in yellow

A couple of days ago I decided to do a quick drawing in the evening. This “quick drawing” evolved into an interesting new style that I actually quite like. 26 more words

Colonel Clichy's 'C' Force!

When you’ve got a task and only the best will do!  If no-one else can get their man and kill the baddies!  etc etc.

The last few weeks I have been painting up the Last Chancers.   171 more words

Finished Work

*First commission* - FINISHED!!

Soooooo it’s done! I’ve finished my first commission. You will be able to admire it on my friend Maren‘s blog about budgies (it’s in German though). 26 more words