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ALYoF April and FAL

With only hours to spare I just put the last hand stitches into my binding to officially finish my April goal and my first FAL for the 2nd quarter… 38 more words


Q2 FAL List

It is time to post my wish list for the 2nd quarter of the 2015 finish-a-long hosted by Adrianne at On the Windy Side. I can’t believe this but I don’t have any UFO’s and just two works in progress. 95 more words


Nowhere to go but up - Q2 Finish-A-Long goals

Since my Q1 projects are still around, the beginning of my list is easy–the same items as last quarter. This time I’m going to add some additional projects in the hopes I get even more done *crosses fingers* with Adrianne at On the Windy Side. 214 more words


On Motivation

There are 2 kinds of motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic. There are also 2 perspectives–self motivation, and motivation of others. I went to an interesting workshop at work this week, on how extrinsic motivation doesn’t really work in the long run, and on how to motivate others through positive reinforcement of the desired behaviours. 385 more words


FAL #3 and March ALYoF

Well it took two FALS (first quarter FAL list) and one ALYoF (March) but Leftovers IV is finally finished.  I did a lot of ruler work on it and quite a bit of dense quilting.   95 more words


March goal and an ambitious list

I am trying to be more focused this year, although I keep getting sucked into instagram and flickr swaps. I don’t know what it is, the extra challenge of making something for another person–with a deadline–just makes my heart race. 195 more words


Feb ALYoF and FAL#2

I can’t believe it but I actually still made my February goal (original post here) and have my second FAL (original post here) for this quarter.   65 more words