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My girl...

The plan was for us to all go swimming this morning and then to head to the woods for some fresh air.  Unfortunately, it would appear that Eleanor has contracted chicken pox and whilst this is not bothering her in the slightest I felt it was best to cancel her lesson.   466 more words

Writing 201: Poetry, Day Seven -- Fingers, Prose, Assonance

My fingers linger and twist the ring – I used to sing but no, not any more. The lyrics trip and stick in my windpipe til I barely remember them. 28 more words


Manicure nailicure.

Goodmorning babes! I just woke up , did not go out last night though, I was Still tired from friday night haha! So I woke up and was thinking about which color I’m going to take next for my nails next time! 182 more words



A trail across the glass, I blew a breath against the cold. And it appeared. With fingers I wrote messages, that would disappear in seconds. And another blow against the glass gives me a new canvas. 78 more words


Oops, one day late again but I felt a deep desire to make an entry in my Friday Verse Journal. One of the things that I so enjoy doing is gazing at the night time sky but I must admit with a very cold winter upon us, I don’t feel like standing outside for very long at all. 134 more words


Forgotten Posts: Poetry 201, Day 7: Fingers, Prose Poetry, Assonance

Here’s my entry for the day 7 of the (now over) Writing 201 Poetry Course. The prompts are Fingers, Prose Poetry and Assonance.

“Clickety-clack, clickety-clack… was the noise her fingers made,

149 more words
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