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Itchy fingers

Sometimes I feel like writing something down, like now. The problem is however, I’ve no clue what to write about. So I’m writing for the sake of writing lol. 161 more words


Little Pianists Finger Strengthener

Here is a very simple idea but great for strengthening those little fingers. Using a small plastic cup and a balloon you too can make one of these little finger drums and help your youngest students to strengthen their fingers and have fun doing it!


Read The Article About Learning Guitar That Experts Recommend

If you are inspired by the ability of a great guitarist, you are among a very large group of people. The guitar is capable of stunning sounds that inspire countless other musicians. 293 more words


Never judge a guitarist by his fingers

On Wednesday evening, I once again found myself at the Art House Cafe listening to some (relatively) local musicians of improbably high quality.  As the title hints, some of this music involved guitars Рof the acoustic variety. 611 more words


My fingers. There are many. Each helps me. Some are more burdened. Some are more calloused. But, I am grateful for each one.

Creative Writing


liam bee

it is with honor
that i leave my thumbprint behind.
it is a labor of love my fingers
buried in the garden. 83 more words