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Proof I'm a personal finance geek: the recent French Aviva story

I have been told by many over the years that I have an abnormally calm demeanour – very few things make me go nuts, or even make the outward manifestation of an exclamation point. 69 more words

Love's Fine Print

We Humans love for things to be black and white. We seek clear defined answers. But the reality is that life is really anything but black and white. 541 more words

Life And Love

Free Diet Pills - Always Read the Fine Print

There are many offers out there for free diet pills, and the majority of those offers are legit. But, it is very important that you understand how free diet pills work so that you are not scammed. 345 more words

Weight Management

Fitness Equipment Machines - What You Should Know

Staying fit, healthy, and flexible is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a healthy diet and exercise. Fitness equipment can help you get started to a healthier lifestyle. 514 more words

Weight Management

Duty to read

In all honesty, the only contracts I read are probably those I work on as a lawyer. Almost every product we buy and every service (I-tunes, bank accounts, mutual funds, FB, twitter etc) we use comes with “Terms and Conditions”. 733 more words



Probably due to ‘MY’ blog post, plus all the angry emails ‘I’ sent – :0) – rather than the HUMONGOUS amounts of money and customers/viewers lost by both sides – DISH and FOX finally came to an agreement that allowed us to watch FOX News last night! 465 more words

Quality Of Life

Cain, Crazy Makers and Loopholes in the Fine Print

Woe to them! They have taken the way of Cain;
Jude 1:11a (NIV)

Along my life’s journey I have encountered many people who seem to always be looking for the loophole in the fine print. 451 more words