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No fine print

Have you ever noticed all the tiny tiny print at the bottom of coupons, advertisements, tv commercials or the announcer guy all of a sudden speaking 1,000 words a second right at the end of an announcement? 954 more words

We Are She


“CAUTION: If you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or breastfeeding, consult your health care professional before using this product.”

More like: “CAUTION: If you think there might even be a remote chance you want to get pregnant, hurry up and get on it.”


The offers looked excellent as I went through the junk mail.  The fine print made sure that the offers were too good to be true.  How easy to see that the more fine print there is, the more the offer is not what it seems. 271 more words

Following Via Facebook

Facebook.  The mask people hide behind to say, read and do.  I like Facebook for it’s versatility at being able to create the illusion of connection with people.  408 more words

New Ideas

Special Shout Out to Fine Print Labo

A Special Shout out to Fine Print!!! Fine Print Labo is supporting both AMCB and Malamute Matters! And certainly, we’ll be printing some of expedition photos at Fine Print!


Proof I'm a personal finance geek: the recent French Aviva story

I have been told by many over the years that I have an abnormally calm demeanour – very few things make me go nuts, or even make the outward manifestation of an exclamation point. 69 more words

Love's Fine Print

We Humans love for things to be black and white. We seek clear defined answers. But the reality is that life is really anything but black and white. 541 more words

Life And Love