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Feb Recap: A Month of Decisions

I know there’s lots to do. I really do know this, and I also know I should just get started on something. But it’s Saturday and I feel like I’ve not written for days and also the new series of House of Cards has just come out. 733 more words

What’s in a Word?

What does a word mean to you?  Is it the sound that the word makes, or is it what the sound of the word represents?  When I say rock, do you think of a musical form, movement of a person or thing, or the minerals that make up our planet. 853 more words

Early Retirement


Sometimes, life gets real uncomfortable. In my experience, the peak of the discomfort often happens right before a major shift. The challenge lies in learning to stay through the resistance. 684 more words

I Work, Therefore I am

Recently I went to a fun night out to mingle with people through a Meet Up group.  After the event, a few of use decided to linger and have a cup of tea together.  731 more words

Early Retirement

The Image of Early Retirement

When I say the word ‘blue’, what do you immediately think of? For some, it might define a colour, or for others, it might describe a feeling, and for still more, it might conjure up an image of a childhood pet, or a local brand of Canadian beer. 674 more words

Early Retirement

false starts

I should have picked some stock photograph about races or running..But alas, could not find one..

In races or in sporting events when action or movement on an individuals part transpires outside the allotted ‘start’ time the actions are rendered invalid and many times the errant individual is penalized. 316 more words

Personal Musings

Staying Connected in Retirement

In several recent studies, it has been discovered that retirement can be one of the most stressful events in many people’s lives, ranking right up there with divorce, or the death of a loved one. 836 more words

Finding Your Path