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Don't Let Life Pass You By

It’s easy to get lost in the folds of everyday. The countdown to the weekend seems to rule our lives. It’s a vicious cycle that blurs together days and weeks and months, until you forget how old you are on your birthday, and you no longer want to celebrate. 696 more words


Day 266 - First chapter, new adventure

Day two hundred sixty-six of my 365 Day Writing Project.

So far, writing the new book has been a delicious experience. I can’t get enough. When that is the case, writing every day comes as naturally as brushing my teeth. 194 more words

365 Day Writing Project

secretly plotting in precious moments of quietude

To my few but dear readers: stay tuned. I graduate in one month with an applied science degree in paralegal studies, but my true passion secretly continues to reside in creative writing. 115 more words

Character Development

My Brief Flirtation with OneDrive and OneNote

I love Scrivener like every other writer, but its major default is that it cannot sync to the cloud and be accessed anywhere, or at least my Windows 1.0 version can’t. 563 more words

Finding Time To Write

Day 255 - Decisions, decisions

Day two hundred fifty-five of my 365 Day Writing Project.

Two decisions are better than one. I continue to struggle through the process of revising the first draft of my book. 152 more words

365 Day Writing Project

How to find time to write?

Teaching finished for Easter on Friday and I have earmarked 2 clear weeks of this Easter vacation to sit and write an 18,000 word book chapter which I had been thinking about and writing intermittently for a while but which is now in need of some serious sustained attention. 1,063 more words


w00t! Boob Book Intro DONE!

To my surprise, writing the introduction to the proposed book describing the choices women face when they receive just about any kind of breast diagnoses went a lot faster than expected. 561 more words

Making A Living