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“Why can’t a woman be more like a man?”

Remember the song from My Fair Lady?

We are experiencing an historic time, when we have the opportunity to open portals of compassion and tolerance. 299 more words

The Insidious Internet

The Insidious Internet

“The Virologist”, an article by Andrew Marantz in The New Yorker magazine (January 5, 2015) about Emerson Spartz and memes highlights an insidious danger within the internet. 270 more words


The saga of the wallpaper begins with a house painter, Joe, who was not well. He was planning for a job at my house, so I asked him how I could help. 488 more words


Communication is the key to any relationship, casual or otherwise.

Listening is an important factor; hearing is another.

Never assume you understand what you are hearing: if there is any question in your mind, ask if what you think you heard is correct (or not), and/or ask for clarification. 211 more words

Incident # 21-14-001893 Nicki in the Night

The dog woke me. 12:30 a.m. It was her “there’s something outside” bark. When she didn’t stop barking, I, two hours into a good sleep, staggered out of bed. 322 more words

What Kind of Person Washes Trash Cans?

The kind whose Grandmother suggested that soap dishes needed to be cleaned. After some explanation to a questioning child, the soap dishes were relieved of their excess soap residue, with the satisfaction of pleasing Grandma. 207 more words

It's a Matter of Priorities

A new wireless printer sits in its box. Only the top of the box has been opened.

And then there is the cuckoo clock.

The old cuckoo clock belonged to my mother, which makes the clock at least thirty years old. 234 more words