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Considerable Answers

             Today’s message is going to challenge us.  We are being advised to put on our work gloves and boots, gather up what tools we have, and just get started.   601 more words

On the Topic of Subjectivity...

Gaming as a hobby, as a passion, as an industry has never been bigger than it is right now. A year and a half into the new generation of consoles and essentially every person who owns a smart phone playing some form of mobile game, the term gamer is beginning to broaden in definition and more people are included in this wonderful medium than ever before. 1,099 more words


Don’t take leg pain lightly

Rachelle’s leg pain started after her pregnancy with her first child.  She endured this for more than 10 years.  Her veins, from the thighs to the legs, are now two to four times larger than they should be. 682 more words

Danger is my Middle Name.

This afternoon while walking on a stretch of Route 9 highway.  I had a straight up  “Stand By Me” moment. You know, the moment where they’re walking on the train tracks and come upon the bridge. 307 more words


The elusive nature of contact dermatitis

A lot of patients with an undiagnosed and untreated contact dermatitis suffer life-altering, debilitating symptoms that prevent them from living a normal life.  While some cases can be relatively easy to diagnose and treat, others are difficult to detect or may have an unexpected source.  711 more words

Painting with Words

Last week I had a representative from a local painting company over to get an estimate on our loft foyer area. In the hour or so he was here, we went over ideas about color schemes, wallpaper removal and the stripping of a concrete column located at the left end of the room. 438 more words


The "Foundation Ingredient" to Finding Answers to Your Problems

Finding the solution to a problem is not always about just thinking and working harder on it. I had this concept come home to me again recently.   650 more words

Well Being