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"It's Not You, It's Me"

Today I want to stretch your spiritual muscles. Stretching is good for you, although it can be difficult at first, and will leave you (possibly) sore for a bit. 1,086 more words

Inner Peace

And so it begins... again

I’ve always tried to keep a journal and write down what I’m thinking but I never seem to keep it up. Honestly some of the reasons are embarrassing. 342 more words


The thing is I wasn’t always like this. In fourth grade I won the “humor award.” I remember my teacher, Mrs. Hamilton, saying something like I always had the ability to make the class laugh and find good humor in normal situations. 915 more words

How To…

…Dress for Work.

I work from home, so technically I could wear whatever I want to work; my cape, my onesie, my pyjamas (not that I’ve ever done any of the above…ever) but there does come the occasion when I have to leave my home office and venture into the outside world to meet with other business people – for business purposes. 911 more words


This is going back, way back in time, without a DeLorean to get me there fast.

Okay, so my BFF (HI YOU!) asked if someone could read one of my long forgotten tales…and I don’t mind. Maybe there’s something I missed on that first draft story that still leaves it incomplete and in first draft status to this day, although I finished typing it almost three years ago. 299 more words

Learning Lessons

School :(

I’m starting school tomorrow!! :( *NOOOO*
Like I’ve said in my previous post, I do not have the best memories of school… Plus it will be a brand new environment tomorrow. 155 more words


Spread Love <3

Hey you!!! I know you are reading this! ;)

I don’t know just thought I’ll let you know that you look so good today! <3… 117 more words