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Travelling taught me...

…a whole heap of stuff! I haven’t really done that much travelling in my life. I’ve been lucky enough to spent a lot of time holidaying and sometimes living in Europe but my travels outside of this lovely continent have been minimal thus far in my life. 358 more words


Paris part 2: The city of Love & Rain...

Sorry I haven’t written in a while, sometimes life gets a little in the way. Things have been crazy trying to figure out what my “plan” is… but the thing is I don’t have a future plan, and i guess that’s okay. 608 more words


Even those things that don't flower

The subtle tenderness in this excerpt from one of my favourite poems always reminds me… there is an essential goodness and beauty in all things (even those things that don’t flower). 72 more words

Random Thoughts


I don’t know what has brought me here.

I don’t know where ‘here’ is.

A guitar plays as waves crash. My heart gives percussion.

Have I overlooked my destiny? 140 more words


A weekend in Paris part 1 : surprises, surprises and more surprises

So this past weekend I went to Paris, for my first time. I was so excited to go to Paris, it is a city that everyone says so many great things about, and one of those cities you feel like you have to see at least once in your life. 698 more words


You Don't Give Me Butterflies

I stared at him.

Trying to process the words as I searched his face for something to tell me there was no truth to this. 890 more words

Finding Myself

If All Life Is Real Life, Why Should I Ever Go Back To Mine?

I need to stop whispering names of cities
like sins in church,
Something holy,
Something indefatigable,
I need to stop throwing dice on a closed gamble, 119 more words