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Long Distance Romance ~ Is Your Relationship Geographically Challenged?

This topic is for all of you long-distance romancers out there!  

In the past, this type of dating was not practiced much due to travel issues and regimented lifestyles.   1,072 more words

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What's love got to do with it?

‘I love you’ has changed so much through the ages. I love you in medieval times meant risking death if you loved someone other than your betrothed. 664 more words


No! They're just not that into you...

You’ve been blowing up their phone all day.

“Hey! 😘” “You awake?” “Hi.”

And you haven’t heard anything from they all day. So to justify this you make up stories. 355 more words

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On Being One ... And The Power Of Change

One thing is constant in our Universe… change! It comes as no surprise to anyone that everything always changes… nothing ever remains constant. Yet, some of us seem to be surprised when the energy in our relationship changes. 986 more words


Why I am fed up with modern dating

I have completely ventured back into the dating game and while I have enjoyed it and have had fun there are some things that I can not get over. 305 more words

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Inquiries of Love

From a blog in Chinese that I subscribe to, translated…

The confessions of a man: “When you wanted your business to run well, you’d bring offerings to the God of War, when you want to be safe, offer to the Goddess of Mercy, want money, offerings to the God of Riches, and love, bring your offerings to the ancient God of Love”. 1,005 more words