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Love - In search, I find.

Are you searching for love? If so, what are you expecting to find?

In regards to marriage, I’ve been told I am already an expired product… yes, expired like 6 years ago. 684 more words


I don't remember really how it started...

This dream of having someone by my side.Of being completely in love.Of finding my soul mate.Where did that come from? All I know is that I’m a 29 year old single girl trying to find him.I’ve been on thousands of dates,tried online dating,cooking classes for singles,blind dates,set ups by friends and still don’t understand what is going on? 276 more words


"Falling to Pieces"

i fell before
i’m falling now
i can feel it

i’m scared because
the fall is euphoric
the fall is intoxicating

i’m scared because
i fall like a meteor… 16 more words


"Wall to Wall"

I can see you in there
Standing and looking
At me
With wariness the same
As me
I know where you are
Because it’s where I am… 120 more words


On Being One ... And Of The Power Of Habits

Some habits, such as working out, meditating, etc., are beneficial. Others, such as smoking, gambling, etc., are destructive. Regardless of whether they’re beneficial or harmful, recent studies indicate that our actions and thoughts are 40% habit. 1,256 more words


Just your average dating story- fourth installment.

It had been a few days and James still hadn’t called. ‘he’s just playing hard to get,’ I kept telling myself. I pondered, would I have been interested if he called as soon as we got back home anyway?… definitely not, I would have ran a mile. 869 more words


Tea, music and etcetera

It was something about the angles of his jaw.

No,it was his eyes…well…not that I’ve really looked into them but he has long, curved eyelashes like a baby’s. 992 more words

Finding Love