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Mid-year financial review

Amazingly, it’s already July 1st! With the year halfway over, now is a great time to review your finances for the year.

Your financial goals… 404 more words


7 tips for a (hopefully) healthful existence

Earlier this month a high school friend of mine posted on Facebook that she and her recently graduated-from-high-school daughter were talking about how there should be classes to teach you about how to get through life. 1,192 more words



It wasn’t that long ago, I noticed my kids wanting things. It started with seeing something in a book we were reading. They would say, “I want that for Christmas” or “I want that for my birthday”.  632 more words

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8 Unconventional Ideas for Financial Health

Financial peace of mind reduces stress, which helps us live better and longer.

The hard part for many people is to effectively manage financial expectations… 907 more words



My wife and I had a conversation this morning about how nicely the kids were playing. At ages four and five and only a few weeks into summer, it can seem like a rarity. 618 more words

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Everyone faces temptation

I find that after many years and many ways many are still bound by addictions. Addictions in all forms. You name it they have it. Some of the addicts are Christians or children of Christian families. 2,404 more words


The real cost of an Adversarial Divorce

The major goal of some divorcing couples seems to be revenge at any cost. These people appear unable to speak civilly to each other, much less able to discuss differences and mediate issues; sometimes they actively work to undermine each other, stall or engage in other bad behavior. 210 more words

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