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Realty vs. Reality

It’s amazing to me how investors and realtors feel like their “golden property” investments will never crash. Many argue that, over the long run, most investments in real estate usually pan out. 473 more words

Scott Wolf

What Can My Financial Advisor Do for Me in My Divorce?

I do a lot of networking – you know, meeting people casually to learn more about who they are and what they do, and share my own experiences. 426 more words

Financial Transitions

How to get your money to #bemorethan

Hey millenials:  we are known for being Bad With Money.  There have been several pieces talking about it, in some form or another.  Whether it’s our student loan debt or our reckless spending habits, we are, rightly or wrongly, viewed as the least responsible generation.  214 more words


things I do well for financial health

Ok – not everything about my spending habits is bad. Yes, home-ownership costs and I have some extra expenses, which need to be cut, but there are so many wonderful things I do to keep the cost of living manageable, to be fair and to be on the positive side, I better acknowledge them, too. 660 more words



I have been always frugal, responsibly spent my money, and saved and invested as much as I could.

Not anymore. It is partially because my salary is much better than the past and I kinda feel the urge to make my life comfortable and easy. 412 more words


The Healthy Dish: How to avoid the marital money wars


We all know that disagreements about money are common between married couples, and in fact, are often partially responsible for many divorces. 1,595 more words



About ten years ago, I was a manager for a trucking company. Only a few years out of college, I had high expectations for life and my career. 521 more words

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