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Tried and have these daily to keep myself healthy from stress.

Found this site with products to help keep me looking great from the wear and tear of trading in the stock market.



How engaged are your employees with their HSAs? Let’s find out.

Offering a qualifying high deductible health plan compatible with a health savings account (HSA) offers many benefits to your employees. But there’s a process to making the most of the health account. 294 more words


How to Withdraw Money in Retirement for Most Flexibility, Least Taxes

With tax season underway, many retirees must be wondering: “Gee, how can I cut the tax bite for next time?”

For retirees with various types of taxable and tax-advantaged accounts, it turns out there’s only one cardinal rule on withdrawals: Start by taking your required minimum distribution or RMD from any traditional 401(k)s or IRAs. 614 more words

Life Planning

4 Things You Must Do After Getting Laid Off

By Sheiresa Ngo

You were the model employee. You produced quality work, sacrificed your weekends, and maybe even paid for continuing education courses out of your own pocket so you could do your job more effectively. 427 more words

Sheiresa Ngo

Money Resolution 4: Save First, Then Shop

So you have cut a bit here and saved a bit there and you have a few extra Rands lying in your bank account. Now is the time where a bit of discipline is needed. 517 more words

New and Old Treasures

What I have tried to do is to bring you both the new and old treasures of my knowledge and experience. From my own wrestling with religious issues and my fundamentalist background I bring both old and new understanding of our relationship with God. 423 more words

What do Do (and Not to Do) with an Inheritance

An inheritance should be the gift that keeps on giving – it is intended to make life easier and offer a sense of financial relief. All too often inheritance funds are spent within ten years – never getting to serve their true intention. 466 more words

Financial Transitions