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SMB Lending Expert for New Lending Platform

We’re an established software provider for the SMB/SME market. Our popular financial services SaaS has over 150k registered members.
We’re now laying the groundwork to create a marketplace lending platform. 14 more words

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In Eye of Economic Storm, the Fed Blinked by BINYAMIN APPELBAUM

NYT business news! Transcripts the Fed released of its 2009 policy meetings show that Mr. Bernanke and his colleagues were hobbled by doubts about the Fed’s ability to do more.http://ift.tt/1Kn9bEo

Brett Fingerhut

China Lowers Official Economic Growth Target by NEIL GOUGH

NYT business news! By cutting its growth target to approximately 7 percent, China is emphasizing more sustainable growth.http://ift.tt/1B4aqC1

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Pharrell Williams Acknowledges Similarity to Gaye Song in ‘Blurred Lines’ Case by BEN SISARIO and NOAH SMITH

NYT business news! In testimony in a copyright-infringement case, Mr. Williams, producer of the Robin Thicke hit, denied any intention of copying “Got to Give It Up.”http://ift.tt/1M7evY6

Brett Fingerhut

Lumber Liquidators Plunges After TV Report of Tainted Flooring by RACHEL ABRAMS and AARON M. KESSLER

NYT business news! A “60 Minutes” report that some of the company’s laminate wood from China contained potentially hazardous levels of formaldehyde sent shares tumbling.http://ift.tt/1FbIYlC

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Higher Settlement Is Closer in Silicon Valley Hiring Case by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

NYT business news! Judge Lucy H. Koh of Federal District Court in San Jose, Calif., rejected an earlier offer of $324.5 million for the workers affected by the case.http://ift.tt/1KmPRXI

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Exxon Chief Expects Oil Prices to Stay Low for 2 Years by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

NYT business news! The chief of Exxon Mobil, Rex W. Tillerson, cautioned that geopolitical turmoil could unexpectedly send prices higher, but he said much more oil was ready to reach the market.http://ift.tt/1zZ7Lpg

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