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Greeks Need Their Leader to Be Tough by HUGO DIXON | REUTERS

NYT business news! The new prime minister might consider dumping his party’s left wing to make the reforms necessary to satisfy eurozone creditors.http://ift.tt/1Ek0ZBi

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China Central Bank Governor Warns of Deflation Risk by REUTERS

NYT business news! Zhou Xiaochuan says China must keep a close eye on slowing inflation amid structural reforms.http://ift.tt/1EOWolI

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At U.S. Companies, Time to Coax the Directors Into Talking by GRETCHEN MORGENSON

NYT business news! Board members of European companies routinely make themselves available to investors, but their peers in the United States seem to fear such contact.http://ift.tt/1D0adkF

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Linda Zecher of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: The Danger of ‘One Size Fits All’ by ADAM BRYANT

NYT business news! Ms. Zecher says that rigidity in large companies sometimes makes it difficult for employees to be entrepreneurial and grow in their roles.http://ift.tt/1BEiZk1

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Effective annual interest rate

In our last post we talked about the time value of money. We know that having $100 in our pocket today is better than being promised $100 later on. 545 more words


Support Advisor/Para -planner - Wealth Management (Burlingame)

Currently, we have an immediate opening in our Service Division working as a Client Service / Support Advisor.
The Client Service/ Support will be the single point of contact for all daily operational and servicing needs. 10 more words

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Yellen says rate increase may be warranted later in year, The Washington Post 27 March 2015

By Steven Mufson March 27 at 8:27 PM

Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen said Friday that any increase in rock-bottom interest rates to “more normal” levels would be… 843 more words