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Final Major Project: Idea Generation Helmet Template

After looking at Good Spark Garage I thought it would be a good idea to make some templates of my own to help with idea generation. 73 more words

Mike Westgate

Final Major Project: Helmet Theme Mood Board

Following on from my earlier artist research, I was really inspired to push forward in the direction of Asain illustration and artwork, pieces from Ken Taylor, Randy Ortiz and We Buy Your Kids had a nice style and portrayed a suitable theme that could be nicely translated onto the helmet. 165 more words

Mike Westgate

Puppet Tool Test

I braced my fears and had a go at the puppet tool in Adobe After Effects, I used a already drawn image found on google for testing purposes. 26 more words

Final Major Project

Final Major Project: Emails About Project

As well as emailing Icon I have also directly emailed Good Spark Garage as well as the Illustrator for the project Mike Suftin (http://www.mikesutfin.com/ 40 more words

Mike Westgate

Final Major Project: Good Spark Garage

Whilst I was doing my research into various other illustrators, I came across this blog post from Good Spark Garage detailing work that they did for Icon Motorsports, specifically on an Airmada Helmet. 122 more words

Mike Westgate

The Constant Stuggle with Illustrator!

I’m getting rather frustrated with Adobe Illustrator at the moment as I’m not able to do things as easily and as quickly as I can in Photoshop. 93 more words

Final Major Project

Planning & Ideas

The Pipe Dream Project’s Plans – Flux

Aims and Objectives :

  • Raise money for The One Love Project to move into a secure home
  • Give Leeds based artists a platform to showcase their artwork…
  • 168 more words
Final Major Project