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Final Girl: The Review

Director: Tyler Shields
Cast: Abigail Breslin, Alexander Ludwig, Wes Bentley, Cameron Bright, Logan Huffman, Reece Thompson
Plot: A group of boys who hunt women in the forest for fun have the tables turned on them, when they pick up a girl (Breslin) who has been training to take them out. 730 more words


It Follows Some Conventions, but the Final Girl's Not One

I saw It Follows, a 2015 horror film directed by David Robert Mitchell, weeks ago at St. Anthony Main. It follows a young girl in Detroit who has sex one night with a boy she has been seeing and is then pursued by a supernatural entity that continuously walks toward you until it catches you off guard and attacks you. 1,267 more words

Final Girl

A Guide To Picking Scabs

A Guide to Picking Scabs

She was a melancholic girl then she was a young woman with a sweet public face and private potty mouth. She felt unloved but mostly unnoticed, unsure, and determined. 223 more words


Final Girl Podcast with Bitch Media

In October, I chatted all things women in horror with Bitch Magazine in relation to the Final Girl series I programmed at Nitehawk. Of course, architecture and Carol Clover were discussed…


Horror Eleganza - Vogue's Cinematic Editorial

In April of 2014, Vogue Italia published an editorial that seemed to merge the world of high fashion and horror cinema. The photos, recalling American slashers, Italian giallos, and J-Horror, involved women fleeing from a killer and then one apparently fighting back and killing him. 94 more words