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The 1995 Jerk Squad: A collection of step brothers, musicians and fashionable males.

Hello all. Mark here.

The cinematic world needs jerks. Jerks move films forward and allow the heroes to save the day. Without jerks we’d be stuck with boring films full of nothing (not true). 758 more words

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The Best/Worst Monster of 1995: The Big Slimy Worm/Shark (AKA Dinner) in Waterworld

Roger Ebert explained Waterworld perfectly when he said:

I’ll remember some of the sights in “Waterworld” for a long time. But I won’t necessarily want to see them again.

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Goldeneye: The Resurgence of Bond

Goldeneye was a return to form for James Bond in 1995. After the scattershot Timothy Dalton era the series needed a reboot. Goldeneye delivered with aplomb as it accrued an 82% RT rating and collected $352 million at the worldwide box-office. 883 more words

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Kids, To Die For, Welcome to the Dollhouse and Village of the Damned: Ranking the Troubled Youth of 1995

1995 was a banner year for troubled youth. Kids, To Die For, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Basketball Diaries, Toy Story, Village of the Dammed and… 963 more words

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Dracula: Dead and Loving It: Mel Brook's 1995 Comedic Gem

But Lucy! I’m British.

I am a huge Mel Brook’s fan. Blazing Saddles is one of my favorite films and I can watch History of the World: Part One, Spaceballs, The Producers, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Young Frankenstein…

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