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Shooting - 4th March

So to change my previous video I had to go back to my house and film some more, this was quite quick but I think it was successful, also it was good to go back to collect more footage just incase. 64 more words

Tutorial - 27th Feb

For the tutorial I showed the previous video of myself talking about my dog I had. After watching it through a few times Natasha suggested a couple of things. 100 more words

160 MC - P2P Filming weekend

To do our filming for our people to people project Me Joe & Lucy went down to visit Lucy’s parents in Brighton for the weekend, as the subject of our film is Mike, Lucy’s Dad. 600 more words


Evaluation of Filming

On Monday 2ed March, we continued our filming of the Past scenes. We managed to get it all done which was good and we didn’t encounter too many issues either. 189 more words

Final Product

101 short films 

If like me, your strong point isn’t script writing and story telling then you might want to check this out! 97 more words


Filming in London

Our university group went on a trip to London to visit The Guardian and The Telegraph, so I thought that was a great time to start my filming for the promotional video. 64 more words


Creating the video:

During this process in order to create the piece I decided to create a soundscape on Adobe Premiere Pro whereby I made the audio myself cutting and moving audio around in order to fit the pattern of my images as well as mirroring the rhythm of the house. 381 more words

251MC Picturing The Body