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Film: Night Of The Living Dorks - They didn't dub the music, German punk sounds odd

‘Die Nacht der lebenden Loser ‘ was filmed in German in 2004, in 2007 it was dubbed and released to an English speaking audience as ‘Night of the Living Dorks’. 99 more words

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TV Review: iZombie, season 1, episode 1

iZombie took flight with its pilot episode last week — is it worth boarding for the journey? My thoughts (including some spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet) follow after the link. 1,148 more words

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每日感想 20150330

放假,花了不少時間在運動上,是一些微運動,動總好過不動 :)



所以不太有衝擊感,我反而在想,那帥哥認回親生父母是真心的嗎? 還是某程度上,他是想讓自己有個戶籍?

十幾年來坐電單車走遍大江南北尋子,但置妻母在家不顧,是偉大嗎? 我不敢苟同

不過哪帥哥的髮型很韓式,挺帥的 ╮(╯▽╰)╭


跟set $168 及$198 包甜品


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5th April 2015 - Linda French, Managing Director, Agent, Casting Director, Actress & Life Coach

Linda French shares her exciting story  and success using Law of Attraction to build her business from strength to strength with Coach Rita Hurry . Linda is a great example of the importance of remaining open to the Universe and having faith that things always work out. 24 more words


Live Action Fairytale Remakes: Yes or No?

After the recent adaptation of Cinderella hit theaters, news came up of other fairytales/memorable Disney classics (Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo) following suit. 422 more words


March Favourites

TV: You’re Back in the Room – ITV, Saturdays 8.20

I haven’t laughed like this at a TV show in a long time, it’s absolutely hilarious and the hypnotist is a genius. 70 more words

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The magic of downstairs

Up until fairly recently, M had always been a pretty good sleeper, more often than not sleeping through the night. My wife and I realise how fortunate we have been compared to a lot of parents with young children, to the extent that it has often felt a bit awkward speaking to fellow parents whose offspring are not necessarily as peaceful during the precious wee hours. 930 more words