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Doug Reviews: Focus

Written and Directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, Focus doesn’t really show audiences anything new, but it does provide some breezy entertainment for a winter afternoon. 818 more words


Letters to Afar: Peter Forgacs' New Installation

To say that this installation, at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, is amazing is to scratch the surface.

Made up of 13 screens, all large–some on scrims that let the image pass through 3 or 4 layers of cloth before finally fading into nothingness, sone on screens, some on the museum walls, some in horizontal diptyches, some in vertical ones, some with vocal accompaniment, some without–the images are both pedestrian and astounding. 327 more words

Film Reviews

Class Notes 3/4/15

Mobile Journalism

Video 1:

  • embrace, investigate change and new ideas, social media, etc.
  • are people going to read this story on Twitter, mobile, Facebook??????
  • how do you take story on website and turn it into something for phone?
  • 258 more words
Film Reviews

50 Shades of Grey - 50 Shades of Awful

To say I went into 50 Shades of Grey with low expectations is under-selling it. I couldn’t get through the truly terrible trilogy of books and the only reason to buy the ticket was the male… 528 more words

Film Reviews

Film Review: Kung Fu Elliot

Kung Fu Elliot begins in classic martial arts form with Elliot “White Lightening” Scott conducting kata practice in the middle of a pristine grass field accompanied by a voiceover monologue about his quest to become Canada’s first action hero. 711 more words


Being Paid to Watch Movies: The Dream Job?

Anyone who knows me or has read my blog will know that I am a devout cinephile. I adore films and all the creativity and magic that goes into making them. 1,308 more words


"Maps to the Stars" presents Hollywood as a burn victim

Hollywood has both a long memory and a short one. This fact, along with the town’s vapidness and moral nihilism, gets the full David Cronenberg treatment in the Canadian director’s latest experiment in exaggeration, “Maps to the Stars.” 334 more words