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FILM REVIEW: That Sugar Film

That Sugar Film (Damon Gameau, 2014)

By now, you’ve probably heard that sugar is the devil. It’s making us fat, tired, and anxious, all the while rotting our teeth and reducing our life spans. 950 more words

The Wedding Ringer

There is a perception among a number of people that comedy is a weak art form. That it’s an easy thing to do. The age of YouTube has shown us that pieces of randomness that had literally no thought put into them can be found funny and get viral until we all get sick of them and they collapse under the weight of their own success. 661 more words

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I don't know what my thoughts are doing: JUPITER ASCENDING edition

I saw Jupiter Ascending a couple of weeks ago, and am still thinking about it; somehow it has left me with what I (and probably others) call a book hangover. 618 more words

Join Helen Memel for a Dip in the Wetlands

David Wnendt’s 2013 German foreign film Wetlands premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. Based on Charlotte Roche’s best-selling novel, Feuchtgebiete, Wetlands is a coming-of-age film narrated by an unconventional 18 year old from Berlin, Germany. 418 more words

The Humbling ***1/2 (Out Of *****)

The careers of director Barry Levinson’s and his star, Al Pacino, have reached what is hopefully the end of a long decline. Pacino, so beloved and respected, hasn’t really given a great non-Shakespeare performance since Michael Mann’s Heat. 381 more words


Born to Kill (1947)

A fine noir: dark, dramatic, loaded with death, romance, scheming, crime, and cruelty. An entertaining compare-n-contrast of the viciousness one is born with vs the kind one acquires through unrestrained vanity and greed. 79 more words

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Irish Film Festival

Nature of event: Irish Film Festival

Where: The Chauvel Cinema, Paddington Town Hall, Oxford St. NSW

When: Thursday, 26th March until Sunday, 29th March 2015. 257 more words