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Telefon (1977)

Reasonably fine, Cold War, spy-thriller from the 70’s. Feels like an attempt to recontextualize The Manchurian Candidate without the grip of McCarthy-ism.

Russian sleeper agents, living in America, are being activated into their pre-programmed suicide missions. 39 more words

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A dark time to be a Southside Geek

I’m not an actor and never aspired to be, but I would imagine that in the realm of acting, there are two key challenges.  One is to repeatedly master interpreting a character that has been well written and developed.   2,537 more words

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Devils Knot (2013)

When reading the synopsis for this film, I thought the true story of three little boys murdered by three teenagers using satanic rituals would be interesting. 228 more words


Rocks That Bleed film review

This short film was written, directed, produced by Bertie Gilbert who in case you were wondering if his talent ever ends, all play one of the two leads, so no his talent does not seem to end. 300 more words

Sarah Square Eye: Film File – March 2, 2015 (Film Reviews)

Sarah McMullan aka Sarah SquareEye reviews film and television for Radio NZ National every Friday afternoon. She watches them all first so you know if they’re worth your time and money. 26 more words

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Lady In White (1988)

Decent, family-friendly, spooky mystery. Part Stand By Me & part A Christmas Story; it’s almost like a G-rated version of What Lies Beneath. 49 more words

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"Popularity is the slutty little cousin of prestige": Fame and Fortune in "Birdman, Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)"

What does an actor who was famous once but who has hit rock bottom have to do to become popular again? He goes and adapts a play for Broadway. 662 more words
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