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The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence (2015)

After the euro-gloss of Human Centipede: First Sequence and the exploitation arthouse of Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence, director provocateur Tom Six returns with the much threatened… 294 more words

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Another (2012)

Middling anime far & away more mystery than horror. It’s 12 parts long, but should have been told over 8 episodes. The filler made it harder to understand. 51 more words

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Film Review: Battling Amazons (1987) (dir. Steve Antoniou)

“Where’s Mercury? Mercury, it’s God. Listen, I need you to take a message to Odin and Zeus. And don’t forget Moses. Tell the boys to send their strongest, ablest, most beautiful women to Earth to punch it out.

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Review: Asif Kapadia's Amy

A sad air of familiarity and a creeping sense of ghoulishness conspire to sink Asif Kapadia’s Amy, an otherwise well-intentioned look at a tragic pop star that’s as frustrating as it is curious. 959 more words

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The Curse of Frankenstein Review

If you thought that the Dracula film was bad, just wait until you see this film! Hammer Film Productions definitely seems to be slipping when it comes to horror films. 1,170 more words


Horror of Dracula Review

Time to look at another Dracula film! Dracula has always been my least favorite of the classic monster legends. Yes…he’s less enjoyable for me than Frankenstein! 1,107 more words


Movie Review: Terminator - Genisys

Terminator Genisys is a watered down concoction of the greatest hits from previous movies, making it both a sad attempt to reboot a franchise that is obviously past its prime and a big-budgeted action film that’s not worth a dime. 820 more words

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