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Three Days Till Hatcher

Mark your calendars, 3.5 readers.

Project X gets a name and begins Monday, June 1. ¬†Hardboiled 1950’s era detective Jake Hatcher will become a guest contributor for the Bookshelf Battle Blog, which should be interesting seeing as how computers aren’t exactly his strong suit. 109 more words


Classic Noir Becomes Neo Noir

It didn’t just start with “LA Confidential”. ¬†Find out about this self-conscious, mannered and sometimes ersatz genre in “American Neo-Noir the Movie Never Ends” by Alain Silver and James Ursini, foreword by Walter Hill, $27.99 paper. 24 more words


Sunset Boulevard (#047)

A hack screenwriter writes a screenplay for a former silent-film star who has faded into Hollywood obscurity.

271 more words

Let's Appreciate: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

You get film noir, crime drama, it’s like Chinatown but more accessible and has a great heart. Then you get animation meets live action, you really believe what you’re seeing. 23 more words


Happy birthday to my Vincent Price!

May this beautified male darling enjoy it greatly with his laugh…..and sculpting…..

I will attend his masquerade ball, dressed in a red gown, and dance with the lovely Prince Prospero. 348 more words


Blade Runner - Final Cut (2007)

Directed by Tony Scott.

The tin toys of the hawker move on the pavement inch by inch
Not knowing they are wound up; it is better to be so… 989 more words


Union Station (1950)

Although it features the pairing of William Holden and Nancy Olsen, Union Station certainly is no Sunset Boulevard, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s a modest procedural of 80 minutes but it has a gritty realism that is rather reminiscent of Pick up on South Street (1953) or The Naked City (1947). 447 more words