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April 26, 2015: Our atypical Android! More Dark Matter behind-the-scenes goodies! Mailbag!

Actor Anthony Lemke (Dark Matter’s Three), forwarded me a terrific podcast about gendered robots and stereotypes.  The participants point out that female androids tend to be sexualized entities while their male counterparts are usually powerful forces. 836 more words

Film And Television

Video Essay: On Archive Remakes?

Continuing with this series of resource links – from video essays, to cinematographer interviews, how-to tips and the like – today I want to circle back around to an idea that I have often ruminated upon: that of the cinema remake. 179 more words


April 24, 2015: Aches! Pains! Production! And excruciatingly late lunches!

I think I may have pulled my heart muscle.  Seriously.  I suspect I may have done it during a recent frenzied coughing fit.  During the day, I feel fine but at night, it feels as though I did two hundred left handed one-arm push-ups before bed. 315 more words

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The Best and the Worst Thing About Movies

Today I plan on taking a small detour from my series of informative posts so that I can have a minor rant about movie trailers. I have always loved the trailers: and growing up with vocal-maestro’s such as Don LaFontaine and Hal Douglas leading the charge for many years, I think it is easy to see why. 409 more words


Nearly made my day - Clint Eastwood Sketch

In this business, from time to time you get to experience the ultimate oxymoron; ecstasy and agony almost simultaneously. And so it was when I received this sketch back from film icon Clint Eastwood. 548 more words


April 23, 2015: Less than a month to go!

Sympathy pains!  Not a day after I was feeling after my habanero-caffeine upset, my girl Jelly is feeling under the weather.  Apparently, she’s been alternately sleepy since she woke up – which is me on a normal day. 393 more words

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