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March 27, 2015: Dark Matter goodies!

If spotted, please contact this blog.  They are greatly missed.

Welcome to Vega 5!  Through the ship’s docking collar to customs and registration.

Sub-level access corridor. 56 more words

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March 26, 2015: That SyFy Dark Matter first look promo trailer is almost here! Directors, directors, directors! The elusive Marc Bendavid! Another piece of the Android puzzle!

Wow.  I repeat.  Wow!  SyFy sent us the rough cut of the early Dark Matter promo they’ve been working on and it is awesome.  We’re a long way from finished visual effects so you’ll have to wait for the NEXT trailer to see those, but THIS trailer is pretty amazing all the same.   179 more words

Spotlight: A Track-by-Track Review of BOMBSHELL!

This June, the African safari of the Minskoff Theatre will be temporarily dismantled to make room for Marilyn Monroe. That’s right; everyone’s favorite cancelled television program, … 1,836 more words

I'm on SwoonReads!

So, yes, that means I am working on a novel. You can connect with me on the site here. I haven’t published anything yet, but the story is in progress. 625 more words

March 25, 2015: A Dark Matter double second unit extravaganza!

Today, I spent time on three different units.  Woke up at 6:00 a.m., took the loooong drive to Hamilton for 8:30 a.m. call on not one but TWO second unit shoots (Director Ron Murphy on those owing barn scenes from episode #106, and Director Bruce McDonald on those final few farm house scenes for episode #108). 267 more words

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Letting the fans down

My first comment on Jeremy Clarkson’s departure from the BBC is this. He has sorely let his fans down. Due to his own stupidity, and his alone, a show which millions (sometimes including me, but that is by the by when it comes to this blog- on which I always try to play devils advocate) love. 71 more words

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