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Mad Max Fury Road: 12 Reboots or Remakes Better(just as good)Than the Original

Mad Max Fury Road has surpassed most people’s expectations on how a Mad Max reboot would go. At least a couple times a year a greedy production company decides to bring back a successful movie or franchise to milk it even more. 523 more words


Misunderstood Mamas

Happy Mother’s Day! Your Facebook feed has likely been ineundated with cute but borderly trite Mother’s Day celebrations. I figured I’d do a post on misunderstood mothers from horror movies. 355 more words


The Brood and the Female Monster: 37 Most Terrifying Females in Horror

Warning! May Contain Some Spoilers!

Horror has had a long history of the fear of reproduction. What if you found out your wife can reproduce tiny creepy dwarf babies out of an amniotic sac that hangs on the outside of her stomach? 833 more words


Sleepaway Camp: Review and How it changed the Slasher Genre

Since the release of Peeping Tom in 1960, the Slasher genre has exploded onto the scene with countless slasher films becoming a subgenre and having it’s own recognizable formula in it’s own right. 303 more words


Arrested Development: Movies About Grownups Who Won’t Grow Up

Growing up is hard. Realizing that everyone around you is semi getting their shit together. All the while you are sticking your finger in your cat’s mouth while they yawn is even harder. 782 more words


Analog Part I.

This year, I lost touch with film for a little bit. I only finished a roll this semester but I realized that this roll contained most of the highlights of the past 4 months.  33 more words

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Dallas 'Piracy' Club

In case you haven’t heard, the producers of the film “Dallas Buyers Club” recently won a case against internet providers, iiNet and M2, who refused to identify the individuals who illegally downloaded the film. 334 more words