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Techno-orientalism: A new form of orientalism for a changing world

Since the eighteenth century, the perception of orientalism has gone through significant change. In addition, as time went by, various forms of orientalism began to emerge. 489 more words


Tank Girl vs The World: A Review

Britain’s beloved cult comic, originally conceived by Jaime Hewlett and Alan Martin is brought to life in this zany 1995 film adaption.  The story follows spunky anti-heroine Tank Girl (Lori Petty) who fights against the corrupt mega corporation Water and Power (W&P) which is run by the conniving Kesslee played by the brilliant Malcolm McDowell. 820 more words


What Exactly is Media Research?

Remember the days when you thought Wikipedia had all the answers you ever needed? And  were you ever told by a librarian or a teacher that Wikipedia was an unreliable source of information? 441 more words


Time For The Ball: Cinderella (2015) Review

As much bad rep Disney gets for the influence it has in young girls I still love every single one of their movies. I for one was one of those little girls who watched Disney movies everyday and had all the costumes. 355 more words


Honey, I Blew up the Hookers: Frankenhooker (1990) Review

Warning Spoilers!

There have been many re-workings, sequels, and parodies of the Frankenstein narrative originally conceived by Mary Shelley during the dark and stormy night of 1816. 779 more words


Talk to her review: The Law of Love

Marco can barely see through his tears at a performance of Pina Bausch’s Café Muller, as a blind woman crashes through chairs into a wall. Next to him is Benigno, the co-protagonist of Almodovar’s fourteenth feature film, … 666 more words


Talk to Her Review: The Taste of Sleep

If you were having a late summer snooze in some room invaded by rays of egg yolk light and I could sit on a wicker chair next to you and talk to you for hours about Pedro Almodóvar’s 2002 film… 1,359 more words