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Chandler's Trailers: "House on Haunted Hill" (1999)

“House on Haunted Hill”  (1999)  William Malone’s “House on Haunted Hill”  is a reworking of the William Castle 1959 spook house thriller which is mainly notable as starring the memorable Vincent Price and by its use of theatrical gimmickry with Emergo-  a system whereby a skeleton would go flying over the audience at inopportune moments  -though, despite its cult status, the original film is not very good, a fact born out by even the most liberal scrutiny:  in other words, the ideal kind of film which might serve a reasonable candidate for a remake if one were so inclined.  174 more words


Hit Team.

A hit man and woman find themselves in Los Angeles, with 24 hours to kill 6 people. Hit Team, written by Myles McLane, follows the two agents around L.A. 429 more words



This book to film comparison contains spoilers.

A lonely, brilliant young girl finds strength in books and learning. Matilda decides to use her strange new powers against her horrible parents and the terrifying school principal. 817 more words


Chandler's Trailers: "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" (2014)

      The problem with the rebooting of a franchise is that it presumes both an interest by an already built-in audience (those who patronized the initial film efforts) to follow a new incarnation that is non-linear to the stories already told, and that it demands a not altogether fair (to that same audience) abandonment of all the information assimilated from prior incarnations; a virtual slap in the face to the viewer that they have been callously seduced into wasting a great deal of their time.  137 more words


Mommy - Xavier Dolan (2014)

I’m not sure where to start with this one. I have seen several films by Xavier Dolan before and he is getting stronger and stronger. For one reason or another, … 720 more words


Something Blue

The new Cinderella is finally out in the UK and its reception has been magnificent. I have yet to see it, but I’m raring to go, got a sweet spot for Disney Princesses, y’know. 86 more words