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Falafel with a Fijian Twist

This isn’t your run of the mill average falafel, no, this falafel has no oil, is 100% healthy, and has a Fijian twist.

These falafel are perfect with the tahini sauce. 521 more words


Rocky takeoff, smooth landing


What a way to start my trip, having had a horrendous case of tonsillitis for the first time a month ago, I was all too familiar with the symptoms. 1,088 more words

Annerley Fijian Uniting Church

Time for another church. This time it’s the Annerley Fijian Uniting Church on Cracknell rd. Google maps shows the weathering on this more than this picture. 11 more words

To travel or not to travel to Fiji

After reading this dreadful article, I don’t expect travelling to Fiji anytime soon; There’s a high chance of polygamists such as myself getting raped by government thugs in Fiji if I were to travel there.


Smashing a phrase of the year

The winner of the Massey University’s 2014 Quote of the Year competition seems a bit odd, it didn’t seem to get the same levels of publicity as some of the other quotes. 115 more words

Cameron Slater