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Fitness is not about soothing others’ eyes. Fitness is about watching yourself fit from your eyes. It is as simple an agenda for the betterment of your life. 449 more words

Twitter Contest Rules

Must be able to legally enter.  We have no way of checking, so that’s your responsibility.

U.S. and Canada only!  We expect no customs and shipping issues to these countries.  82 more words


Treasure chest miniatures are usually worth using, but I am not so sure about loose piles of treasure.  The problem is that usually show some explicit items — swords, helmets, scrolls, whatever — and your literal-minded players (who have perhaps been conditioned/spoiled by the fact that I often can throw out a mini that exactly mirrors what I described) assume that they are there in the treasure.  332 more words


Dracolich Revisited...

Normally I don’t do anything about “basing” my figures except for making sure the figure is glued into the base and that any metal under the figure is blackened so it’s not obvious. 365 more words


New Items on the Kaiju Fan Marketplace!

Hey all, Happy March!

We’re starting the month off right with a bunch of excellent vinyls listed on the KFM! Marusans, Marmits, Bullmarks, CCP, and more! 51 more words

Kaiju Fan Marketplace Updates!

Funko TMNT Blind Box Minis

I’m still missing Bebop, Splinter, and Casey Jones from this line of the Funko minis…I’m not really interested in buying more of the boxes blindly due to the odds of “just” getting a duplicate (the only one I wouldn’t mind getting duplicates of would be the Foot Soldier). 144 more words