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feeling good

I feel good about myself. What’ve I got to lose?


Day 22 100words100days Come up with 10-20 metaphors/similes/sayings about anger

I think I sometimes set myself unnecessary and strange tasks. This one was a way to stretch the imagination. 115 words.

Which one(s) resonate(s) with you? 127 more words


getting it

At first I didn’t get it. And then it hit me: there was a chink in my armor.


ham and egg

It follows: You ham it up and get egg on your face.



Asteismus (as-te-is’-mus): Polite or genteel mockery. More specifically, a figure of reply in which the answerer catches a certain word and throws it back to the first speaker with an unexpected twist. 72 more words

Figures Of Speech

again and again

Where have you heard that before? Probably where they speak volumes.



Astrothesia (as-tro-the’-si-a): A vivid description of stars. One type of enargia.

Stars are heaven’s asterisks. Bright reference marks spangling night’s page, spanning it with lights. 55 more words

Figures Of Speech